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whether you’re an ex­pe­ri­enced ex­plorer or it’s un­char­tered ter­ri­tory, we’ve all got one. Yep, the vagina is what unites all us gals, and while ev­ery­one’s may look a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, they serve the same very im­por­tant pur­poses. So it’s high time you got to know yours!

Labia ma­jora

These are the outer lips – the fleshier ones that your pu­bic hair grows on.

Labia mi­nora

The in­ner lips are smaller, pink skin folds that act like a sec­ond layer of pro­tec­tion for your vagi­nal open­ings. They con­tain oil glands that cre­ate lu­bri­ca­tion, or that “wet” feel­ing you get down be­low. Some­times they might be dif­fer­ent sizes or even come out past the outer lips – this is to­tally nor­mal. Don’t freak out if yours isn’t all sym­met­ri­cal!


Sit­u­ated at the top of your vagina, where the lips or your labia mi­nora meet, this area is a plea­sure cen­tre for us girls, as it con­tains about 8000 nerve end­ings and is highly sen­si­tive. Stim­u­lat­ing this area can lead to an or­gasm for many women. If you’ve got your mir­ror out, you’ll see a lit­tle hood hang­ing over the cl­i­toris to pro­tect it from ir­ri­ta­tion.


This is the name given to the in­ner and outer lips of the vagina, so ba­si­cally what you see at first glance.


You may have learned at school that girls have “three holes”. One of them is your bum (or “anus” if you’re be­ing all sci­en­tific), and this tiny hole, lo­cated un­der the cl­i­toris, is an­other. It’s where urine comes out.

Vagi­nal pas­sage

This is our third “hole”, but don’t think you’re just walk­ing around with an open tube be­tween your legs! The walls of this pas­sage are made up of mus­cles that con­tract, or close up, when at rest. The vagi­nal pas­sage is a multi-tasker: it’s where our pe­riod blood flows through on its way out of the uterus; it’s where we put tam­pons in to catch that blood; it’s where vagi­nal in­ter­course oc­curs; and it’s also called the birth canal be­cause it’s where ba­bies come out of. Yep, the walls can stretch THAT far. Which is amaz­ing and kinda crazy at the same time!

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