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Even if you’re not sex­u­ally ac­tive, your vagina can still de­velop dif­fer­ent in­fec­tions or con­di­tions, so it’s im­por­tant to keep an eye on it to spot any­thing ab­nor­mal. If you no­tice any of the be­low symp­toms, es­pe­cially if they’re not go­ing away, have a chat to your

GP. Don’t be shy… they’ve heard it all be­fore!

• Swelling of the in­ner or

outer lips

• Itch­ing of the labia or

vagi­nal pas­sage

• Red­ness of the in­ner or

outer lips

• Pain while pee­ing • Bleed­ing when you’re

not on your pe­riod • Foul-smelling dis­charge • Dis­charge that’s

an un­usual colour • Ex­ces­sive dis­charge (more

than about a tea­spoon) • Any weird lumps, bumps or growths on the in­side or out­side of your vagina, whether painful or not

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