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“I only ever wear tight black jeans, and I’ve been wear­ing the same pair for three years. It’s coz I’m re­ally self-con­scious of my thighs be­cause they’re pretty thick. I also have wide hips and I hate them. I wear long shirts and am for­ever pulling them down to make sure my hips are cov­ered. I feel like when­ever I wear other jeans or pants it shows how thick my thighs are. I ac­tu­ally think about it ev­ery time I have to go any­where. I had my for­mal last year and didn’t feel com­fort­able in suit pants, so I ended up wear­ing my jeans with a shirt and a suit jacket, even though my mum com­plained about it. She doesn’t get it though and I don’t want to ad­mit I’m self­con­scious about my hips and thighs be­cause it doesn’t seem like a very manly thing to do.” – Cameron, 16.

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