Oh hay Lucy Hale

Ever since Pretty Lit­tle Liars ended last year (RIP), we’ve been wait­ing to see what Lucy Hale did next. Now, she’s hit­ting the big screen in the se­ri­ously twisted hor­ror film Truth Or Dare, and we can’t. freak­ing. wait. She sits down with GF to spill all


Our fave Liar speaks her truth

We’ve seen the trailer for Truth Or Dare and we’re le­git ter­ri­fied! What can you tell us about the plot?

It’s about a group of friends who be­come stuck in this life or death sit­u­a­tion dur­ing an in­sane game of truth or dare. We start off go­ing to col­lege to­gether and we get caught up with the wrong guy who in­tro­duces this game to us, and when peo­ple refuse to play the game, they start dy­ing. It’s re­ally dark and messed up, but my char­ac­ter is the hero of the movie.

You’d be of­fered a lot of movie roles, what made you say yes to this one?

I read the script and it just seemed re­ally fun. I knew there was a great cast at­tached and to me it felt like a no-brainer. I also loved the char­ac­ter – she lit­er­ally has to put her life on the line for her friends. So it is about a game of truth or dare, but the un­der­ly­ing story is about friend­ship.

Tyler Posey is one of your co-stars, and you guys work­ing to­gether is like the PLL/Teen Wolf cross­over of every­one’s dreams. Did that oc­cur to you both? Yeah, it was funny be­cause I’d never met Tyler be­fore, but ob­vi­ously PLL and Teen Wolf were both so big, and es­pe­cially with them be­ing on at the same time, we had a lot of fans who loved both. He’s su­per down-to-earth and just a re­ally great guy. There were def­i­nitely some PLL/Teen Wolf jokes! In PLL, you played a vic­tim – in this movie you be­come one of the vil­lains. Was it fun to play the bad guy? Yeah, so in this game of truth or dare, peo­ple who play along get pos­sessed by this de­mon. It was ac­tu­ally hys­ter­i­cal to shoot be­cause when the de­mon pos­sesses the char­ac­ters, they get th­ese big smiles on their faces. So we had to film those parts with our chins pushed down to our chests and smile as wide as we could. It was so un­nat­u­ral and ridicu­lous. What was your re­ac­tion to see­ing your face like that? It’s quite fright­en­ing. I al­ready look like a cartoon char­ac­ter any­way, but it was just so creepy! It’s al­most like they’ve ap­plied a Snapchat fil­ter to your face… That’s ex­actly what it’s like! Or pho­to­shop gone wrong. What is the first scary movie you re­mem­ber watch­ing? My grand­mother let me watch the orig­i­nal Ex­or­cist movie and it was hor­ri­fy­ing. I was way too young to be watch­ing a movie like that. It’s still one of my faves – I’m such a big hor­ror movie fan. In a game of truth or dare, what would you choose? Hmmm, prob­a­bly truth. I’m such an hon­est and open per­son any­way. I’d like to think I’m spon­ta­neous, but maybe I’m not as spon­ta­neous as I think I am! Your red-car­pet style is quite dar­ing though! Are you hands-on when it comes to choos­ing your out­fits? Def­i­nitely. My stylist Alyssa Sut­ter is my fash­ion guru. I like tak­ing chances and try­ing new things, and if I have a vibe or idea for an event, I’ll give her my in­put, but I’m also very open-minded. There have been things she would bring to me that never in a mil­lion years would I choose and then I try it on and love it. How has your style evolved since you started out? I’ve be­come much more dar­ing and cre­ative about what I wear. But at the same time, my ev­ery­day look is way sim­pler than when I was younger. Back then I wanted to wear all the trends at once, but now I’ve sim­pli­fied my closet. I’m in a vin­tage phase right now – I like to mix vin­tage pieces in.

Is there any­thing you’ve worn that you look back at and won­der what you were think­ing?

Oh, many things! But one sticks out in my mind. It was a baby blue suit, which could be cool, but this one was tai­lored all wrong and the pants were way too long. I looked like a lit­tle girl in grown-up clothes. I for­ever look back at that and cringe.

You have said that it took a while for you to feel com­fort­able in your own skin. Can you tell us about that?

I re­ally only started to feel com­fort­able and con­fi­dent a cou­ple of years ago. I think that it’s nor­mal to feel un­sure of your­self when you’re younger be­cause you go through life ex­pe­ri­ences that shape you, and that’s how you learn who you are.

For me it was a bit of trial and er­ror – you even­tu­ally dis­cover what makes you happy in your life, and what is im­por­tant and what isn’t.

We’ve seen a shift in Hol­ly­wood to­wards gen­der equal­ity with the Time’s Up move­ment, what’s your re­ac­tion to this?

It’s such an ex­cit­ing time for women.

I feel very for­tu­nate to be in great com­pany with peo­ple who I look up to, who are speak­ing up about things that re­ally mat­ter. And it’s not only hap­pen­ing in my in­dus­try, but in ev­ery in­dus­try. It also makes peo­ple feel less alone, be­cause of­ten­times we shut our mouths and pre­tend that things don’t mat­ter, but it’s very pow­er­ful for women to have a voice. I mean, it’s about time.

You and the PLL girls got match­ing tat­toos on your ‘shhh’ fingers to com­mem­o­rate the se­ries. Whose idea was it, and was it an in­stant yes from all of you?

So we agreed that we wanted to do some­thing as a group, and it was Ash­ley’s idea. She and I both have a lot of tat­toos, so we were both com­pletely on board. Shay was the last one to agree, she’s scared of nee­dles so she needed to get talked into it a lit­tle bit. It was such a fun ex­pe­ri­ence, it’s re­ally spe­cial be­cause that was such an im­por­tant part of all of our lives and it was a cool way to com­mem­o­rate it.

Tell us about your adorbs dog, Elvis the Maltipoo!

He’s ac­tu­ally right un­der my feet right now! I re­ally hit the dog lottery be­cause he is just the fun­ni­est, sweet­est, cud­dli­est lit­tle crea­ture. This is the clos­est feel­ing to hav­ing my own child, be­cause I’m so creep­ily ob­sessed with my dog – it’s out of con­trol!

Noth­ing can tear the PLL gang apart – not even A!

BFFs Lucy and Elvis are se­ri­ously the cutest.

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