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The deal on acne, body hair, stretch marks and all that fun stuff

Fi­nally, some good news – you get boobs! Yay! Breasts will start to de­velop be­tween the ages of nine and 14, but for some girls, they can get a head start or even de­velop much later. Boobs (and nip­ples) come in all shapes and sizes, and there is ab­so­lutely not one ’nor­mal’ way breasts should look. They will change con­stantly through­out your life and can go up or down de­pend­ing on weight gain, your pe­riod, if you’re on the pill and a bunch of other rea­sons. Usu­ally one will be big­ger than the other – they could sit at dif­fer­ent heights. You can also get the odd pim­ple or hairs on your boobs/ nip­ples. Some­times they can ache, and some­times they can be itchy. They re­ally are a mixed bag… some peo­ple even have more than two nip­ples! If that’s you, you’re in good com­pany be­cause Harry Styles has four.

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