The gor­geous singer spills the tea to us on his newly re­leased third al­bum.

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Lost in him

It’s felt like a long time be­tween tunes for Men­des Army but the wait is fi­nally over. Shawn is back with a rock­ier, edgier al­bum and a pretty new aes­thetic. And you know what a new al­bum means, don’t you, fam? That’s right… a tour isn’t far be­hind!

So Shawn, tell us about the in­spi­ra­tion be­hind your rst sin­gle from the al­bum ‘In My Blood’?

It was the first song I wrote for the al­bum, ac­tu­ally. I was go­ing through this, like, mas­sive, mas­sive Kings of Leon phase at the time and got in the stu­dio. I just wanted to make some­thing that was com­pletely hon­est with my­self. Started play­ing a ton of elec­tric gui­tars and this was what I came up with. I was just re­ally kind of go­ing for an an­them and then I came up with this. I’m very proud of it, ac­tu­ally.

It was very dif­fer­ent to your pre­vi­ous work. Did you in­tend to take your sound in a new di­rec­tion?

The al­bum is kind of a hy­brid of a bunch of dif­fer­ent things. ‘Fri­day’ is the com­plete con­trast of ‘In My Blood’. But no, the Shawn Men­des ev­ery­one knows is still here – I’m still here, still alive.

You’re booked to play a cou­ple of fes­ti­vals over the US sum­mer?

Yeah! This is go­ing to be my first kind of real fes­ti­val run in my life. So I’m ex­cited. I feel that my new mu­sic leads to­wards more of a live as­pect. I’m re­ally ex­cited to per­form ‘In My Blood’ live. It sounds crazy with all the gui­tars.

So you’ll be prop­erly rock­ing it out? Will we see a dif­fer­ent Shawn on stage as well?

I’m sure he’ll grow a lit­tle bit but I’m not go­ing to be break­ing into any break dance or any­thing, I prom­ise.

Do you en­joy the whole fes­ti­val ex­pe­ri­ence?

I ac­tu­ally never went to a fes­ti­val un­til I was play­ing one and then I went to a few over the tour and they’re in­cred­i­ble. They’re re­ally, re­ally awe­some be­cause of how many acts you just learn about for the first time. And I think that’s what’s ex­cit­ing for me, to get on that stage and play for peo­ple who have no idea who I am, or couldn’t care less. And to kind of win their hearts over.

Your fans are pretty keen for a col­lab with Justin Bieber. Is that some­thing that could hap­pen in the fu­ture?

I don’t know, it de­pends. I mean I know Justin and we’ve def­i­nitely talked about writ­ing mu­sic to­gether, but I think we’d prob­a­bly write songs to­gether be­fore we would col­lab. But maybe one day, I re­ally have no idea. Col­lab­o­ra­tion with artists is all based off of, you know, ‘in the mo­ment’ feel­ings. It’s never like plan­ning months ahead like, ‘We’re go­ing to sing a song to­gether’. It’s al­ways just like one night you guys got to­gether and started jam­ming and it worked out.

That’s the best way? Be­ing round at some­one’s house and get­ting the gui­tars out?

Ex­actly. That’s when the best-ever col­lab­o­ra­tions hap­pen, at least I think.

That’s denitely the Ed Sheeran method. Is that how the song you wrote to­gether came about?

He came out and played with me when I was in New York on the last tour, which was in­cred­i­ble. So tech­ni­cally we haven’t done a jam but we wrote to­gether and it’s a song I re­ally, re­ally do love.

You have three pretty in­cred­i­ble col­lab­o­ra­tions on your al­bum.

I have Khalid and Julia Michaels, who are artists that I ab­so­lutely adore and I’m such big fans of and look up to in so many ways. I couldn’t be hap­pier with how the songs turned out. They’re very mean­ing­ful to me and the other artists so, yeah, I’m very happy.

So what is it like be­ing on the road with Shawn Men­des? What goes on in the tour bus? Do you have a tour bus?

I do have a tour bus. I don’t know, it’s mainly just sleep­ing be­cause we’re play­ing shows every day and we get on the bus and we fall asleep and wake up in an­other city. But there’s a lot of barbecue food be­ing eaten, there’s a lot of sushi be­ing eaten, there’s a lot of movies be­ing watched. Like, we watch a lot of old clas­sic movies. Other than that, I mean I just made it sound re­ally bor­ing, which it prob­a­bly is.

What is the weird­est thing you’ve seen while on the road, driv­ing through the night to dif­fer­ent places?

I’ve seen, like, crazy trucks on fire, like, in­sane ac­ci­dents on the road. I don’t know what

I’ve seen… I’m try­ing to think of where I’ve been in the world. In the cra­zi­est, dark­est part of Ger­many, like, crazy gas sta­tions at 2AM with, like, seven-foot-nine guys walk­ing out of the bath­room.

What is on your rider?

I just ask for a bunch of fruit and I ask for cook­ies and tea, and I have th­ese things that are su­per nerdy but it’s like sea salt wa­ter and I kind of swear by them, I re­ally think they help me not get sick. But other than that, it’s just like fruit and cook­ies, to be hon­est.

Look­ing at your tweets, you can’t wait to get back out on the road?

I’m dy­ing. I re­ally am dy­ing. It’s crazy, I take, like, two months away and I for­get how much I truly, truly love what I do for a liv­ing, so yeah I’ve re­ally got to get back out there.

It’s crazy, I take like two months away and I for­get how much I truly, truly love what I do for a liv­ing.

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