Girl­friend’s Matt Galea ex­plains the divine art of palm read­ing.

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Those lines on your hands know what’s up

Cu­ri­ous to know what your fu­ture has in store for you? The an­swer lies in the palm of your hands! This an­cient prac­tice has been used for thou­sands of years to give peo­ple an insight into their per­son­al­ity and their fu­ture. Check out your dom­i­nant hand (the one you write with) and see what your palm says about you! Where though? The heart line crosses the top of the hand from un­der the pinkie nger to the mid­dle or inde[ nger.

Say what? The heart line tells you what your lurve life holds for you and gives an insight into your feelz.

What does it tell us? Long, straight

line: You’re ra­tio­nal, con­sid­er­ate and fol­low your head over your heart.

You’re AL­WAYS think­ing of oth­ers.

Short, straight line: TBH, you kinda don’t have much in­ter­est in L-O-V-E. You’re more driven by other things in life.

Long, curved line: You’re very in touch with your emo­tions and love hav­ing D&Ms. Ends be­low your in­dex QJHU You’re totes satised with your love life RN. Ends be­low the PLGGOH QJHU You fall in love eas­ily and can be a lil selsh in with your part­ner. Wavy line:

You will have sev­eral BFs in your life­time – a few of them will be se­ri­ous. Steep curve, end­ing be­low and be­tween the mid­dle and LQGH[ QJHU You’re ‘irty AF. Bro­ken line: You’ll ex­pe­ri­ence ma­jor emo­tional dramz. Touches the life line: You’re heart­bro­ken eas­ily.

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