Boys ugh­hhh… srsly, why are they like this? Lucky for you, MC and Jaben have ALL the an­swers.

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Your wing­men Jaben and MC are here to help

Is it a bad sign that my boyfriend still talks about his ex a lot even though we’ve been dat­ing for six months? They broke up about ve months be­fore we started dat­ing. Becky, 16

I guess it all de­pends what he’s say­ing about her. If he talks

My older sis­ter told me guys and girls can never just be friends. She reck­ons one al­ways likes the other. Is that true? Gemma, 14

I’ve been in a few sit­u­a­tions where I’ve been mates with girls over the years and they took that at­ten­tion as me lik­ing them. It was awk­ward, but I was just hon­est about it. That be­ing said, through­out high school some of my best friends were girls and I’ve got plenty of mates who are girls now!

about how amaz­ing she is you’re al­lowed to be a lit­tle salty and ask him to cut that out. That be­ing said, if my part­ner brought up her ex all the time to tell me how much bet­ter I am, I’d be OK with that!

What’s the best and worst thing about be­ing a guy? Chloe, 14

Easy. We get to pee stand­ing up... but the worst part is hav­ing to pee in front of oth­ers in a uri­nal.

Do guys tell their mates when they have a crush on a girl? Or do they hide it from them? Daisy, 14

Per­son­ally? I’ve al­ways told my mates! I think we only keep it a se­cret if we think our friends might think the girl isn’t right for us, or throw some shade.

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