We caught up with the Aussie singer to get the goss on her new al­bum.

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We adore her

She’s ob­sessed with the same sound­track as us, she grew up read­ing Girl­friend, she’s some­one you could in­stantly be­come best friends with, and af­ter hang­ing out with her we had a sud­den urge to go out and buy a black Adi­das hoodie. It’s time you got to know Amy Shark.

What’s your main theme be­hind the al­bum?

The main theme be­hind the al­bum is ex­actly what the ti­tle pretty much is. I think the way I’m look­ing at this al­bum, now I hear it in its en­tirety, it’s like when you delve into a new series and the first two sea­sons are just so epic, be­cause peo­ple are crush­ing on each other and then some­one else likes that per­son, and maybe they don’t last, but then they get to­gether and there’s a death… there are all th­ese things that hap­pen in th­ese first two sea­sons and they’re the best sea­sons. This al­bum is just full of good stuff.

Tell us the story be­hind your sin­gle ‘I Said Hi’

It’s kind of pas­sive-ag­gres­sive. When I signed to man­age­ment, my man­agers would end up say­ing “we’ve got a meet­ing with blah blah to­day” and there would be some­one that I had tried to get a meet­ing with ages ago and I’d just end up say­ing “Oh tell them I said hi.” It’s just about my strug­gle. I want it to be an an­them for any­one try­ing to swim against the cur­rent.

What’s your song­writ­ing process like?

I’m al­ways try­ing to look for a dif­fer­ent thing that sounds ei­ther re­ally pretty or re­ally cool. Then I’ll try to get a melody hap­pen­ing. If I’m ‘on’ it’s great. With ‘Adore’ the first three lines, “I’m just gonna stand with my bag hang­ing off my left arm” and I was like ‘I’m in this now’, and every­thing came out and it was done in 10 min­utes. It was the same with ‘I Said Hi’, it’s great when that hap­pens but it’s not al­ways like that.

Who would you say are your mu­si­cal in‘uences for this al­bum?

I lis­ten to a lot of mu­sic but I don’t lis­ten to it and think, “I want to sound like that.” The mu­sic that I’m drawn to is just hon­est, pas­sion­ate and raw stuff. I do lis­ten to a lot of Amy Wine­house still; I lis­ten to a lot of rap like Post Malone and Uzi Vert. And I still bor­row ideas from those punk hooks that I used to love back in the day, like from Blink 182.

What is some­thing peo­ple will be sur­prised to nd in your iPhone mu­sic?

The Great­est Show­man sound­track. Dead set, I lis­ten to it all the time. I’ve got so many ran­dom things, like I’ve got the West Side Story sound­track and Daw­son’s Creek.

What’s been a ‘wow’ mo­ment in your ca­reer?

I met Katie Holmes. She was com­ing to a show and I had a drink with her be­fore it. I’m such a big Daw­son’s Creek fan – and of her in gen­eral – and I was just sit­ting there like, “I cant be­lieve I’m sit­ting here with Katie Holmes!” so that was cool.

What’s the rst al­bum you re­mem­ber buy­ing?

It was Jagged Lit­tle Pill by Ala­nis Moris­sette and I got it home and it had one of those warn­ing stick­ers on it and my mum saw it and made me take it back. She was like “you can’t have that, it’s got swear­ing on it!” So now I make the point with every al­bum I put out, I want the warn­ing sticker on it.

What’s the rst con­cert you went to?

Sil­ver­chair with my par­ents. It was pretty good. It was when they re­leased Dio­rama.

When you were a teenager who did you have posters of on your wall?

Leonardo Di­Caprio, Johnny Depp, Back­street Boys, Spice Girls, Usher, and then I went through a big 2Pac phase. East side, west side, I was like, “I got to pick a side, and this is in­tense!” I was this lit­tle girl from the Gold Coast and I felt like I needed to pick a side, like some­one was go­ing to come and shoot me if I didn’t.

Who’s some­one – dead or alive – you haven’t seen that you would love to see?

Amy Wine­house. It still hurts me that it will never hap­pen.

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