Anna Coc­querel

@an­na­coc­querel Fol­low­ers: 61K Joined: 2017

Girlfriend - - 20 UNDER 20 -

What is your most liked photo?

It is a photo of me and my on-screen Home And Away sis­ter So­phie Dill­man at Palm Beach hav­ing fun film­ing.

What’s the most im­por­tant les­son you’ve learnt?

Don’t look or lis­ten to the mean com­ments, they don’t know who you are.

To hash­tag or not to hash­tag?

I never re­ally hash­tag un­less it’s to go with the joke of the cap­tions.

What mes­sage would you most like your fol­low­ers to take from your ac­count?

To not take your­self too se­ri­ously, I like to en­joy my­self and have fun and laugh, a lot.

How does it feel to be cho­sen as one of our 20 un­der 20 in‘uencers?

I never thought of my­self as an in­flu­encer so I am very hon­oured, and would like to thank you for think­ing of me that way.

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