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We get the low-down from the founder and di­rec­tor of Sweaty Betty PR, Roxy Ja­cenko – you couldn’t get bet­ter ad­vice! Read it and learn.

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What qual­i­ties make a good in­tern?

As clas­sic as this may sound, be­ing a good in­tern means be­ing pre­pared to put in the work. I al­ways say this, and it’s be­cause it’s true: you have to work for the job you want, not the job you have. As an in­tern you are there to learn the ins and outs of the en­vi­ron­ment you are in and this means put­ting all your ef­forts into even the small­est of jobs. Some­one who has a gen­uine in­ter­est in learn­ing the ropes and is ob­ser­vant is some­one who will not only suc­ceed in the job, but will get the most out of the op­por­tu­nity. Truly lis­ten­ing to in­struc­tions means work­ing hard to be self­sufcient. If you can be told some­thing once, pick it up and go for it from then on, you be­come a real as­set.

What should an in­tern not do?

I be­lieve there is a per­cep­tion that you go to work at 9am and as soon as it strikes 5pm, you pack up and head home. In re­al­ity, that’s not how busi­nesses op­er­ate, so I think it is so im­por­tant that when it does hit 5pm you don’t clock off men­tally and leave tasks in­com­plete to worry about an­other day. Mak­ing sure all your ‘t’s are crossed be­fore you leave for the day and ask­ing around if any­one else needs a hand be­fore you leave is es­sen­tial to be­ing an efcient worker. Why add some­thing to to­mor­row’s list of things to do, when it can be done to­day?

What has an in­tern done to im­press you?

As an in­tern, you aren’t ex­pected to know every­thing – it is a learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, af­ter all, so I re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate when some­one isn’t afraid to ask ques­tions. Hav­ing the condence to dou­ble-check if you don’t quite un­der­stand some­thing means the task is then done well, with clar­ity and there is no mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion. I can’t think of a bet­ter out­come than that. I also ap­pre­ci­ate some­one think­ing a few steps ahead. Us­ing your ini­tia­tive to ap­ply to fu­ture sit­u­a­tions what you have ex­pe­ri­enced in past sce­nar­ios isn’t the work of a ge­nius, it’s the ef­forts of a for­ward thinker and some­one any busi­ness would value.

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