Hol­ly­wood’s most gor­geous new star chats to us about fame, school and love.

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What a peach!

If you haven’t heard of Timothée be­fore, you’re about to fall head over heels in love. This beau­ti­ful boy starred in two of the big­gest awards sea­son movies, Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name. He was even nom­i­nated for best ac­tor at the Acad­emy Awards and is the youngest male ever to do so. He’s 22, to­tally adorable, his name is pure po­etry (it’s pro­nounced Timo-tay Shala-may), he’s sweet AF, and we don’t have to tell you that curls get the girls.

How does it feel for you to be fa­mous all of a sud­den?

I had no idea what it’s like to be fa­mous. That was never re­ally my in­ten­tion any­way. I liked walk­ing through the streets of New York and not be­ing recog­nised. It’s a lit­tle dif­fer­ent to­day for me. I am still not re­ally aiming to be fa­mous, though. I just want to share sto­ries that I am very pas­sion­ate about.

How do you deal with be­ing nom­i­nated for an Acad­emy Award at such a young age?

I am al­ways look­ing for peo­ple I can look up to. Whether that’s my par­ents or my di­rec­tor. I am still pretty in­se­cure about a lot of things in my life. It’s nice to sur­round your­self with peo­ple that have the con­fi­dence. It gives me the se­cu­rity I need to de­liver a good per­for­mance.

Are you afraid of too much fame?

That’s a good ques­tion. My friends and my fam­ily watch out that I stay grounded. When­ever I get in­vited to a party I am asked to bring a six-pack – they all think I am mak­ing bank now. Which, by the way, is not the case. But I am hav­ing a hard time telling that to my friends.

You worked with Ar­mie Ham­mer in Call Me By Your Name. Tell us what that was like?

Ar­mie is like a big brother to me. He gave me great ad­vice. He told me not to get dis­tracted too much, keep your eyes on the prize and keep go­ing. That’s what I am try­ing to do now. I am not go­ing to go crazy be­cause a bit of at­ten­tion is on me.

Your movies deal with love and nd­ing true love. What is your take on love?

Oh, my, love is a del­i­cate beast. She can grab you, rat­tle you and drop you just as quick. I am open for love, but I am afraid of be­ing dis­ap­pointed as well. I am no dif­fer­ent than other guys in that re­spect.

Are you ready to give up that pri­vacy that you cher­ish so much?

I am still try­ing to sep­a­rate my per­sonal and my pro­fes­sional life. My old drama teacher gave me that ad­vice. He told me to pro­tect my emo­tions and to keep my pri­vate life pri­vate as much as I can.

Lit­tle is known about you and your fam­ily. What can you tell us about your fam­ily?

My dad is French and he worked for the UN. My mother works as a real-es­tate bro­ker and for the ac­tors union in New York. I was ex­posed to art and movies at an early age. My favourite movie was al­ways Dark Knight. I am a huge Bat­man fan. I wanted my friends to call me Bat­man when I was lit­tle.

You went to a public school in New York, right?

Yes, I did. I went to a public per­form­ing arts school. And it man­i­fested my love for my pro­fes­sion. I am a big ad­vo­cate for the public school sys­tem. With­out that school sys­tem, I would have never made it to act­ing.

Why is that?

Be­cause you are al­lowed to make mis­takes and you are al­lowed to fail with­out con­se­quences. You need to fall flat on your face in or­der to get through this tough busi­ness.

How do you ex­plain suc­cess?

This might sound strange, but you need to learn to lose. That’s im­por­tant. And you have to know where you are in life. Cer­tain jobs are just not within your range. You need to grow and get the ex­pe­ri­ence to grow into cer­tain roles.

What was your rst Mob?

Be­sides school plays, I played a dead per­son with­out a head in my first TV role. I was in eighth grade.

Was it al­ways your dream to be an ac­tor?

No, I wanted to be a pro­fes­sional soc­cer player. That was my great­est pas­sion. But I re­alised that I was not fast or

tal­ented enough.

Do you have an ac­tor in Hol­ly­wood that you look up to?

I re­ally like Matthew McConaughey. He is a guy who com­pletely im­merses him­self into his roles. When I met him on In­ter­stel­lar, he didn’t stay in a ho­tel. He lived in a trailer be­cause he wanted to stay on set as long as pos­si­ble. It’s stuff like that that fas­ci­nates me.

What was it like to be nom­i­nated for an Acad­emy Award and spend time with all those su­per­stars?

It was amaz­ing. I felt like a kid in a candy store. When I went to the lun­cheon, I just wanted to take as many self­ies with all my idols as I pos­si­bly could.

Is it true that you are still en­rolled in univer­sity?

Yes, that is true. I am still tak­ing classes. One of the rea­sons is also to be among peo­ple of my age.

What other pas­sions do you have?

Mu­sic has al­ways been my big pas­sion. I once worked as ‘Lit­tle Timmy Tim’ as a DJ. But that ended al­most as quickly as my soc­cer ca­reer. I am just not good enough to lay down hip-hop tracks. I still love mu­sic though.

What is your cra­zi­est ex­pe­ri­ence in Hol­ly­wood?

My last sum­mer was crazy. I first filmed Call Me By Your

Name, then right af­ter that I did Lady Bird. And af­ter that I flew to New Mex­ico to shoot Hos­tiles with Chris­tian Bale. That man is a ge­nius. I still can’t be­lieve my luck. I just hope it stays that way.

I am open for love, but I am afraid of be­ing dis­ap­pointed as well.

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