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Find out what the plan­ets have in store for you

VIRGO Aug 24- Sept 23

You’re heading into your most ~pros­per­ous~ pe­riod of the year, as Mer­cury’s Septem­ber move­ments spell suc­cess in school, sport and ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties. You’ll con­tinue rid­ing this high well into Oc­to­ber and early

Novem­ber as your an­nual plea­sure peak con­tin­ues. Move over Veron­ica ‘coz as Lili Reinhart’s Virgo bestie, you’ll be tak­ing over Riverdale!

LIBRA Sep 24- Oct 23

As both the Sun and Mer­cury cross your As­cen­dant on Septem­ber 22, it’s time to fo­cus on Y-O-U! Book your­self in for a pam­per sesh or treat yo’self to a gorg new out­fit. Come Oc­to­ber, you’ll be feel­ing fire af, re­sult­ing in some ro­man­tic at­ten­tion from an un­ex­pected source. You’d have a blast hit­ting the Hol­ly­wood Hills with your Li­bran pal Bella Thorne.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

Your lu­u­urve planet will bring you and a guy to­gether in Septem­ber. The only prob­lem is that with Pluto still in ret­ro­grade, you’re not 3000 per cent sure if you’re to­tally into him *sigh*. On the boss lady side of things, as the Sun moves into your sign on Oc­to­ber 23, you’ll be killing it in the class­room. Who bet­ter to take style cues from than your Scorpio sis­ter Ken­dall Jen­ner?

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23- Dec 22

You’ve been spread­ing your­self way too thin lately and it’s time to slow down. From now un­til Septem­ber 22, opt out of a squad event, and Net­flix and chill in­stead. Your fo­cus on your en­ergy lev­els means you probz won’t no­tice when Venus

(health planet) goes ret­ro­grade on

Oc­to­ber 5. The new­est mem­ber of Tay­lor Swift’s squad? YOU!

CAPRICORN Dec 23- Jan 20

Hate to break it to ya, but with your fi­nan­cial planet in ret­ro­grade dur­ing Spring, you’ll be re­ly­ing on your ‘rents for dol­lar dol­lar bills! We rec­om­mend putting in the ground­work RN and chip­ping in with chores to schmooze them. This’ll come in handy when your so­cial life reaches an an­nual peak in Oc­to­ber and

FB starts blow­ing up. En­joy belt­ing out One Di­rec­tion’s hits with Cap, Louis Tom­lin­son.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

While you’re usu­ally an ace com­mu­ni­ca­tor, an im­pa­tient out­burst in Septem­ber leads to a falling out with a loved one. Be­fore los­ing your chill, take a deep breath and find a calmer way. Oc­to­ber’s main fo­cus will be on school, but luck­ily you’ll have the sup­port of your girl gang. Your Aquarius bestie is the king of kind­ness him­self, Harry Ed­ward Styles.

PISCES Feb 20- Mar 20

Brace your­self as Mer­cury’s Septem­ber move­ments spark ~flirty~ vibes for you and a class­mate or co-worker *insert all of the love heart emo­jis*. Af­ter lots of ca­sual ban­ter and DM slid­ing, the re­la­tion­ship will go to a new level from Oc­to­ber 10, thanks to your love planet. Ha­vana ooh na-na, you are a match to Miss Camila Ca­bello, ooh na-na.

ARIES Mar 21- Apr 20

Venus in­spires some much-needed Spring clean­ing in Septem­ber, so go on a de­clut­ter­ing spree. Then as Venus goes ret­ro­grade on Oc­to­ber 5, it’s your so­cial life that needs de­clut­ter­ing. Take in­ven­tory of your friends: phase out the toxic ones and build on your re­la­tion­ships with your ride-or-dies. Smart gals gotta stick to­gether, and luck­ily Emma Wat­son is your Aries bestie!

TAURUS Apr 21- May 21

There’s some­one in your life that *re­ally* needs you rn and as Venus moves into your sign in Septem­ber, you’ll drop ev­ery­thing to be there for them ‘coz that’s the friend you are. The ta­bles will turn in Oc­to­ber as your love life be­comes com­pli­cated and you’ll rely on your friend’s sup­port. #girlpower Gorg 13 Rea­sons Why star and fel­low Aussie Kather­ine Lang­ford is your spir­i­tual side­kick.

GEMINI May 22- June 21

Good news for the fam as your con­nec­tion is strength­ened dur­ing Septem­ber and you’ll want to hang out with them (shock, hor­ror!). Use this time to build bridges with re­los that you have un­re­solved is­sues with – yes, that in­cludes your sib­lings. From Oc­to­ber, your cre­ativ­ity will be at an all-time high. Yas! Fancy your­self a beauty queen? Test your skills with your twin, James Charles.

CANCER June 22- July 22

You’re strug­gling to find that school/ fam/squad bal­ance and it’s tak­ing its toll. De­vise a sched­ule that in­cludes all of your com­mit­ments, while still leav­ing your­self time for a so­cial life. The plan­ets in­di­cate you’ll have this sorted in Oc­to­ber, as your re­la­tion­ships ap­pear stronger than ever and you’re back on top of school work. You’d be fab besties with fel­low Cance­rian queen Se­lena Gomez.

LEO July 23- Au­gust 23

You’re in your an­nual fi­nan­cial peak un­til Septem­ber 22, which means you’ll be rak­ing in the $$$. Just make sure you’re not spend­ing it all on­line! A mis­un­der­stand­ing with a bae around Oc­to­ber 12 will cause some dramz. You tend to have a ‘my way or the high­way’ at­ti­tude – learn to com­pro­mise. With Dua Lipa as your BFF, you’ll never pick up the phone for a toxic dude again.

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