How em­bar­rass­ing

Hor­ren­dous. Hor­rific. Hi­lar­i­ous.

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Pre­pare to cringe!

Too hot?

Feel­ing a bit sweaty the other day in class, I de­cided to take off my jumper as I was wear­ing a sin­glet un­der­neath. I didn’t know it, but my sin­glet got stuck to my jumper and ev­ery­one saw my orange bra. I didn’t know till ev­ery­one was laugh­ing and it was half­way over my head! Even worse, my teacher yelled at ev­ery­one in the back to stop laugh­ing at me, which made ev­ery­one in the front of the room turn around to look!

The wrong guy

Run­ning into a group of friends the other night at the movies, I chat­ted while my boyfriend got into line to buy some pop­corn.

A few min­utes later, I felt him come back and out of habit slid my hand into his. All my friends burst out laugh­ing. Turn­ing to see what was wrong, I re­alised this wasn’t my boyfriend at all, but a com­plete (and cute!) stranger. I was still hold­ing his hand when my boyfriend came back and was just glar­ing at me. I had some ex­plain­ing to do!

Crash and burn

My best friend just got her P-plates, so we de­cided to go pick up some shakes from McDon­ald’s. But as we drove into the carpark, we got dis­tracted check­ing out a cute young cop – and crashed into a parked car! We were even more mor­ti­fied when we re­alised it was the po­lice car. So, we got to talk to the cutie, but not in the way we hoped. He gave us a lec­ture on how driv­ing was a big re­spon­si­bil­ity and maybe we weren’t ma­ture enough to han­dle it. Then he called our par­ents and we had to wait in the gut­ter till they ar­rived.

Push­ing the friend­ship

The other day we were learn­ing CPR, and my best friend and I had to get up in front of the class to give a demon­stra­tion. I was lay­ing on the ground and my friend was do­ing com­pres­sions on my chest – and she pushed so hard, I let out a mas­sive fart. Ev­ery­one laughed, in­clud­ing my crush. Argh!

Wrong turn

Driv­ing back from hol­i­day, I was bust­ing to go to the toi­let but it was all free­way till the next town. I com­plained so much, Dad ended up pulling down this de­serted gravel road. I found a bush and pulled down my undies, since I was wear­ing a skirt. Sud­denly, a ute with two cute guys pops up over a sand dune. Mor­ti­fied, I got up to run, but tripped over my undies around my an­kles. We’d pulled over on a pop­u­lar 4WD track. SO hu­mil­i­at­ing!

High school mu­si­cal

On the night of my last per­for­mance of the lead in my high school mu­si­cal, I took to the stage de­spite be­ing in bed sick all day. I was de­ter­mined it was go­ing to be the best show yet, as all my friends were there and my crush was in the front row. I was feel­ing OK, un­til the first song when I got re­ally queasy. Next thing I vommed all over the stage. I re­ally hope it didn’t splash on my crush! I’m too em­bar­rassed to even face him now.

Lost in trans­la­tion

I was an ex­change stu­dent liv­ing in Paris, but didn’t re­ally speak much French. My host sis­ter took me to a party with a group of her friends. I don’t know how, but I got locked in the bath­room and I couldn’t un­der­stand enough to fol­low the in­struc­tions that were be­ing yelled at me through the door. They ended up hav­ing to bust the lock on the door to get me out. I ended up be­ing known as ‘toi­let girl’ the rest of my trip.

Fake tan fail

Feel­ing a bit pale over win­ter, I got my first spray tan. I didn’t re­ally think about my un­der­wear, but it turned out I was wear­ing a lacy pair. The tan seeped through and left the lace de­sign im­printed on my hips! Worst of all, I had swim prac­tice the next day so there was no way to hide it. I may have to quit the swim team.



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