What we wish we knew at school

End of year ex­ams have you shook? Don’t stress bebe! We share what we learnt along the way and it’ll help you put it all into per­spec­tive.

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Your guide to a stress-free year

1 Your world is about to get a whole lot big­ger. School can feel like it’s ev­ery­thing at the mo­ment, but things that re­ally mat­ter to you now won’t mat­ter as much and other things will sud­denly be­come su­per im­por­tant. And that’s fine. 2 You’ll re­gret spend­ing your time wish­ing you were older. Right now, you’re mak­ing some of the best mem­o­ries of your life.

3 Grades don’t de­ter­mine how well you’ll do in life. Ri­hanna and Harry Styles were high school dropouts and Daniel Rad­cliffe ditched school to do a lit­tle in­die film. You might know it. Harry Pot­ter – ring any bells?

4 Cram­ming for ex­ams doesn’t work. We prom­ise you’ll thank your­self later for putting in a lit­tle study time ev­ery day, in­stead of do­ing it all the night be­fore. It sucks, but rep­e­ti­tion is key.

5 In five years, you won’t re­mem­ber a sin­gle ques­tion that was in your ex­ams, let alone what your scores were. The num­bers don’t mat­ter in the long run.

6 Lis­ten to your mum. Boys can be a bit stupid some­times.

7 Lit­er­ally no-one will ask you what your ATAR score was. Ever.

8 The love of your life prob­a­bly isn’t in your class. While find­ing a boyfriend can feel more im­por­tant than any­thing, you prob­a­bly won’t find your ride-or-die guy in those walls. Those who do are su­per lucky (be­cause dat­ing is awk­ward AF!), but it’s not the norm. Fo­cus on en­joy­ing classes and your friends, and the guy will come.

9 The peo­ple who are pop­u­lar at school usu­ally aren’t in life. Zac Efron was an out­sider, Demi Lo­vato was bul­lied and Tay­lor Swift was dumped by the ‘pop­u­lar’ group.

10 Your teach­ers are hu­mans, too. While see­ing them out­side school can be like you’ve seen a tur­tle miss­ing its shell (awk­ward and just plain wrong), the ma­jor­ity of them are ac­tu­ally nice peo­ple and gen­uinely want what’s best for you.

11 Mak­ing mis­takes is to­tally okay. They’ll be the most im­por­tant lessons you ever learn.

12 It’s a waste of time try­ing to be ‘cool’ be­cause it doesn’t mean a thing af­ter high school. Be kind. Work hard. And be a loyal friend.

13 Your par­ents will get over it if you’re not per­fect. While it can feel like they might dis­own you if you get a less than per­fect grade, they will un­der­stand. Do­ing your best is enough.

14 Keep your men­tal health right. If you’re stress­ing too much or feel­ing anx­ious, ask some­one you trust for help and talk it out. You can’t do your best if you’re pan­ick­ing.

15 You don’t have to dumb your­self down if you’re good at a sub­ject. Em­brace it!

16 The thing you get teased about in school will prob­a­bly be the thing you end up lik­ing most about your­self. Own it.

17 You don’t need to have your life fig­ured out yet. You can change your mind a mil­lion times about what you want to do. You’ve got this, girl!

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