Troye Sivan

The singer tells us about his new al­bum, miss­ing home and his life in LA.

Girlfriend - - CONTENTS - Troye’s al­bum Bloom is out now.

We chat about all things Bloom

Aussie sweet­heart Troye Sivan has been srsly busy this year. He re­leased his sec­ond record, Bloom – a glo­ri­ously cheeky al­bum that cov­ers ev­ery­thing from sex to ditch­ing a party to stay home with bae – he col­lab­o­rated with our girl Ari­ana AND he joined Tay­lor Swift on stage at her Rep­u­ta­tion Tour in LA to per­form ‘My, My, My’ in front of 60,000 peo­ple. He’s also got a film called Boy Erased com­ing out in Novem­ber – his fifth movie, btw – about gay con­ver­sion ther­apy. EPIC! So we felt truly blessed when he made time in his sched­ule to sit down with us...

How was the process of mak­ing this al­bum dif­fer­ent to Blue Neigh­bour­hood ?

It was a lot more fun. I was a lot more re­laxed and I knew the crew that I wanted to work with, and I also had the op­por­tu­nity to work with peo­ple I could pre­vi­ously only dream of work­ing with. I think I just felt a lot more con­fi­dent and com­fort­able so I did a lot more play­ing around in the stu­dio, which was re­ally, re­ally nice.

How does it feel for peo­ple to be dis­sect­ing your song lyrics?

I’d ac­tu­ally rather that they do that than not do it be­cause it means that peo­ple care, first of all, and sec­ond of all, as a song­writer, I think it’s a lit­tle val­i­dat­ing al­most, that you can be keep­ing things in­ter­est­ing and keep­ing peo­ple guess­ing a lit­tle bit. It’s fun. Also, I don’t ever have to con­firm any­thing, so it’s not that un­com­fort­able.

How mind-blow­ing was it to per­form with Tay­lor Swift at her concert in LA?

It was so crazy! It was just one of those mo­ments that the en­tire time you just can’t be­lieve that it’s hap­pen­ing, you know. Re­ally just felt like a weird dream.

You orig­i­nally be­came well known through your YouTube videos. Do you miss be­ing a YouTu­ber?

Not re­ally. It was a re­ally spe­cial time in my life where I was hav­ing a lot of fun and it com­pletely changed my life, but I think a big part of why peo­ple grav­i­tated to­wards my videos was be­cause I tried my very best to keep things 100 per cent real at all times and be­cause I was en­joy­ing what I was do­ing. Af­ter a while, music just came back into my life in such a big way, so that was what I wanted to pur­sue. And now I just feel re­ally cre­atively ful­filled, and so I think if it ever be­came in­spir­ing to me again, I would 100 per cent jump at it, but for the mo­ment it’s just not re­ally where my head’s at.

Your fans are ex­tremely pas­sion­ate. What’s the cra­zi­est fan en­counter you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced?

One time af­ter a show, there was this guy hang­ing out back­stage with all of us – that’s not un­com­mon that one of us will bring back a friend that we have in that city – so we were all just hang­ing out and chill­ing. I walked over to the food ta­ble and my drum­mer was like, “What’s your friend’s name again?” And I was like, “Oh I don’t know him, I thought he was your friend.” And we kind of like sur­veyed the room and quickly re­alised that he had just kind of waltzed in. We had a beer and hung out and it was awe­some, but it def­i­nitely took me by sur­prise!

You don’t have a name for your fan­dom. What would your sug­ges­tion be?

I sort of ac­tively avoided that be­cause they all were re­ally bad. Like the “Troye-ble­mak­ers”, which is not good. The “Troye-jans”, which was like a con­dom thing in my head. I haven’t found the right one.

“I tried my best to keep things 100 per cent real at all times.”

You’ve lived in the States for a while now. What do you miss most about Aus­tralia?

Ev­ery­thing. My fam­ily, my friends, my cof­fee, food, the fact that ev­ery­thing is close, the parks, the beaches. Yeah, lots of stuff.

What do you like about the life­style in LA?

I love that there’s no lim­its to what you can de­sire and what you can achieve. Truly, any­thing is pos­si­ble over there and that’s re­ally ex­cit­ing. And also kind of scary in a weird way, be­cause I think it fu­els a cul­ture that is some­times not that at­trac­tive to me.

What are you most look­ing for­ward to for the rest of 2018?

I’m re­ally, re­ally ex­cited to tour. I’m work­ing re­ally hard on the show. I think I’ve tried hard to make sure all of the rit­u­als for this al­bum have been el­e­vated and a real step-up from the things I made in the past. And then I’ve also got a movie com­ing out in Novem­ber.

Can we ex­pect an Aus­tralian Bloom tour at some point?

Def­i­nitely. Of course. We’ll be an­nounc­ing dates fairly soon and I can’t wait.

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