The mas­sive music quiz

How well do you know your favourite bands and pop bangers? Take the quiz and find out.

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Test your knowl­edge

1 Who won the artist of the year award at the 2017 VMAs?

A: Bruno Mars B: Tay­lor Swift C: Ed Sheeran D: Ari­ana Grande

2 Name the Bri­tish re­al­ity TV show where One Di­rec­tion were formed.

A: UK Idol

B: Bri­tain’s Got Tal­ent

C: Come On Down

D: The X Fac­tor

3 Who is the old­est mem­ber of 5 Sec­onds of Sum­mer?

A: Ash­ton Ir­win B: Luke Hem­mings C: Calum Hood D: Michael Clif­ford

4 What was Louis Tom­lin­son’s first solo sin­gle called?

A: ‘Hey An­gel’ B: ‘Just Hold On’ C: ‘Back To You’ D: ‘This Town’

5 ‘Don’t want to be my friend no more, I want to be some­body else’ is a lyric from which song by Pink?

A: ‘Fun­house’ B: ‘So What’ C: ‘Dear Mr. Pres­i­dent’ D: ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’

6 Tay­lor Swift wrote ‘We Are Never Ever Get­ting Back To­gether’ about which fa­mous ex?

A: Jake Gyl­len­haal B: John Mayer C: Calvin Har­ris D: Tay­lor Laut­ner

7 Af­ter a 2011 le­gal dis­pute with a chil­dren’s char­ity, Lit­tle Mix changed their name. What was their orig­i­nal name?

A: Mix It Up B: Rhyth­mix C: Sound­mix D: Noise Mix

8 Which of these artists did NOT per­form at the 2017 Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret Fash­ion Show?

A: Harry Styles B: Jane Zhang C: Se­lena Gomez D: Miguel

9 Which of these songs was NOT writ­ten by Sia?

A: ‘Pretty Hurts’ by Bey­oncé B: ‘Wreck­ing Ball’ by Mi­ley Cyrus C: ‘Di­a­monds’ Ri­hanna D: ‘Per­fume’ Brit­ney Spears

10 What is Post Malone’s real name?

A: Adam Nathan Malone

B: Richard Dean Post

C: Austin Richard Post

D: Nathan Austin Malone

11. What is the name of Lorde’s sec­ond al­bum?

A: Pure B: Aris­to­crat C: Stop! D: Melo­drama

12 Ari­ana

Grande made her Broad­way act­ing de­but in which mu­si­cal?

A: Grease B: 13 C: Jersey Boys D: Mary Pop­pins

13 Com­plete these lyrics from ‘Ready For It’ by Tay­lor Swift: ‘but if he’s a ghost...’

A: Then we can dis­ap­pear B: Then I can be a phan­tom C: Then I’ll be a ghost too D: Then I’ll search for a phan­tom

14 Which of these ma­jor babe singers cel­e­brates his birth­day on Septem­ber 16?

A: Nick Jonas B: Harry Styles C: Bruno Mars D: Luke Hem­mings

15 Which of these al­bums re­leased in 2017 sold the most copies world­wide?

A: Harry Styles Harry Styles B: Pink Beau­ti­ful Trauma C: Eminem Re­vival’ D: Ken­drick La­mar DAMN.

16 What body part did Justin Bieber break while per­form­ing on stage in Lon­don?

A: Col­lar­bone B: El­bow C: Foot D: Big toe

17 Be­fore hit­ting the big time, what band did Camila Ca­bello have a fan ac­count for?

A: One Di­rec­tion B: Take That C: 5SOS D: The Jonas Brothers

18 Lady Gaga dyed her hair blonde be­cause an in­ter­viewer once mis­took her for which other pop queen?

A: Ari­ana Grande B: Kelly Clark­son C: Katy Perry D: Amy Wine­house

19 In the 2017 Dis­ney film Beauty and the Beast, which duo sang the theme song?

A: John Leg­end & Ari­ana Grande B: Ari­ana Grande & Ed Sheeran C: Tay­lor Swift & John Leg­end D: James Blunt & Tay­lor Swift

20 Which ex Aus­tralian Idol con­tes­tant rep­re­sented Aus­tralia in the 2018 Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test?

A: Ricki-Lee Coul­ter B: Guy Se­bas­tian C: Jes­sica Mauboy D: Sa­man­tha Jade


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