Girlfriend - - COVER STORY -

These lit­tle pearls of wis­dom make Z our ul­ti­mate girl crush.

“I like to think of my­self as a real model, not a role model. I don’t like to think of my­self as play­ing a role. I just try to keep real to my­self. I think that by be­ing the best my­self, I can help peo­ple be the best them­selves.”

“Find­ing out who you are is a dif­fi­cult process and I think that ev­ery­body is go­ing through it for their en­tire life. For me, I think it’s ... ac­cept­ing that we are con­stantly grow­ing and chang­ing, and the per­son I was a year ago is not who I’m go­ing to be in a year.”

“When par­ents or young peo­ple come up to me, the first thing they say is not, ‘Oh, I love that show you did.’ It’s, ‘Hey, thank you for say­ing this,’ or ‘My daugh­ter re­ally needed to see that.’ That stuff is much more of a com­pli­ment.”

“We should stop liv­ing by the def­i­ni­tions that other peo­ple give us and live our own. That’s what fash­ion has al­lowed me to do. The only opin­ion that should mat­ter when you look in the mir­ror is your own.”

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