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Tell us about your true love.

I’ve been a Justin Bieber fan since I was 13. I saw his One Less Lonely Girl music video on Teen Nick and im­me­di­ately went to YouTube to see and hear more. I be­came ab­so­lutely hooked.

But you’ve never spent a cent see­ing him?

I was able to at­tend the Be­lieve tour and Pur­pose tour as I won tick­ets both times from my lo­cal ra­dio sta­tion. And then I started to run Belieber fan ac­counts and we got some tick­ets to give away to fans who helped us with the project. I now run the Be­lieve Ticket Project, which helps the most ded­i­cated of fans of any artists get a free ticket when they don’t have the cash. It’s about pay­ing it for­ward.

What is the cra­zi­est Bieber fan thing you’ve done?

I at­tempted to get Justin to come to my sweet 16th birth­day party. I had to be home­schooled a lot be­cause of trau­matic brain in­juries from a few con­cus­sions from cheer­lead­ing. I can’t think of a time where I was more de­pressed. His music re­ally got me through. So I cre­ated a pe­ti­tion on Twit­ter that was signed over 3,000 times. It didn’t work but at least I tried!

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