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We spoke to real guys and girls about how they lost their vir­gin­ity – and their sto­ries are cringey, cute and ev­ery­thing in be­tween!

I had been dat­ing my boyfriend for three months when we de­cided to do it. I was 18 years old and a vir­gin, but he’d been with other peo­ple be­fore so I was re­ally ner­vous. I or­gan­ised to stay over at his place while his par­ents were out – but when I got there, I got my pe­riod! I couldn’t be­lieve my bad luck. I was so em­bar­rassed and I had to tell him I needed to go to the shops to get tam­pons! I thought he’d run for the hills, but he made the sit­u­a­tion funny and came to the shops with me to cheer me up. Two weeks later, I fi­nally felt ready to try again. I found it a bit painful and so it only lasted a few min­utes, but I was kinda glad the pe­riod thing had hap­pened (even though I wanted to die at the time) be­cause I felt like I could to­tally trust him. We’ve been to­gether a year now – and it got waaaaaay bet­ter! Sa­van­nah, 19. I’m kinda em­bar­rassed to ad­mit it, but I’d watched a lot of porn and hon­estly thought sex was this easy thing that would be good straight away. It wasn’t. I was 16 and tried to be on top straight away and it hurt a lot. We went back to kissing for a while and then used lube and tried again, and then it was ac­tu­ally re­ally nice. A Fu lly ll, 1 E 7 tc . h I had been with my boyfriend for 4 months. We had talked about sex quite a bit be­cause I wanted it to be spe­cial. We de­cided to do it at his house when his mum was at work. We ended up on the floor of the lounge room. I was ner­vous, but he was re­ally nice and kept check­ing I was okay through­out the whole thing. It def­i­nitely hurt and I bled a lit­tle, but it was bear­able and ended up get­ting re­ally good af­ter a few times. We used a straw­berry flavoured con­dom, which seems silly now be­cause I didn’t lick it! Camilla, 17. We did it for the first time at my boyfriend’s house while his par­ents were home, so we had to be re­ally quiet! I was 19 and had been dat­ing him for three months. I was so ner­vous and had no idea what to do. We just kissed a lot at first un­til I felt com­fort­able. We took it re­ally slowly and it started to feel much bet­ter af­ter a few min­utes. Even though I lost my vir­gin­ity much later than my friends, I didn’t want to rush. I’m glad I waited for when it felt right. Ge­or­gia, 19.

I was 18 and it was with a friend of mine. I didn’t tell her I’d never had sex be­fore be­cause I didn’t want her to think I was in­ex­pe­ri­enced, and most peo­ple just as­sume guys do it ear­lier than girls. I was ner­vous and we fum­bled around in the dark with the con­dom for a while, be­fore burst­ing into laugh­ter and turn­ing the lights on. Sex is so weird be­cause it’s com­pletely dif­fer­ent to any­thing you’ve ever done be­fore in your life, but you’re ex­pected to just fig­ure it out! Af­ter a lit­tle while we got into it – I’m glad my first time wasn’t with a ran­dom. Ryan, 18. She was a year older than me and she worked part-time at the lo­cal shop­ping cen­tre across the road from my school. We used to talk most af­ter­noons. We were never re­ally ‘to­gether’, but things es­ca­lated and one af­ter­noon af­ter school we de­cided to have sex. I bought the con­doms from the chemist along with pack­ets of lol­lies and sun­screen to try to cover up my pur­chases. We had sex in my sin­gle bed while my par­ents were still at work. I re­mem­ber putting on music be­cause I’d read music sets the mood. When I en­tered her, I said, “It’s re­ally warm,” which seems like such a weird thing to say to her now! What can I say, I was ner­vous! It lasted about 60 sec­onds all up. I came and she didn’t. I wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily say it was good be­cause nei­ther of us knew what we were do­ing and there was no real love or emo­tion in­volved. I didn’t do it again un­til I had an ac­tual girl­friend. Matt, 18. It was my 16th birth­day and it was in my par­ents’ garage on a lounge. We used a con­dom and it hurt for a minute, but then it was fine. It took a few more prac­tises to feel good, and af­ter that I started re­ally lik­ing it! Alice, 16. I had been with the guy for a few months, and we got the train home from a New Year’s Eve party and de­cided to try it. It hurt a lot and I cried, but we also laughed at the ak­ward­ness of it all. Af­ter­wards, he told me he loved me and that sex was ‘in­ter­est­ing’. By the third or fourth time it was def­i­nitely more in­ter­est­ing – and we came up with a code word for when we wanted to leave par­ties to have sex! Millie, 18. It still makes me cringe think­ing about it. There was a lot of awk­ward jerks as we tried to fig­ure out the right an­gle so I could get it in, and I was so wor­ried about hurt­ing her that I quickly lost my boner. Af­ter a false start, we tried again and I man­aged to get it in, but both of us were vir­gins so it was aw­ful. We just jerked up and down for a bit and then I came pretty quickly. Thank­fully I got much bet­ter at it af­ter that! Tom, 21.

Los­ing my vir­gin­ity was a big step for me in ac­cept­ing my sex­u­al­ity and be­com­ing more com­fort­able with my­self. I had al­ways known I was gay so I was glad I didn’t have sex with a woman ‘out of cu­rios­ity’. It was with a guy I loved and it was re­ally spe­cial. Nathan, 19.

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