Help! I have a crush on ...

So you’ve got feels for some­one you shouldn’t? Teen well­ness ex­pert Kim Smith and Girl­friend’s Stacey Hicks help you fig­ure out what to do next.

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MY FRIEND’S BROTHER Re­cently, I’ve no­ticed how cute my friend’s brother is. He’s a year older than us and I’ve known him for years, but I’m start­ing to feel a bit awk­ward when I go to her house. Like, I can’t act nor­mal around him and it’s stress­ing other me out. The day my friend even asked a crush on if I had him (I said no, of course) then joked how and gross it would be. What do I do with my em­bar­rass­ing

– Ge­orgie, 16. feel­ings? STACEY SAYS:

Ngl, I’ve been there! But it’s im­por­tant to fig­ure out whether it’s just a pass­ing crush or some­thing more. You have to re­mem­ber that no-one but you knows you feel this way, so there’s no need to be awk­ward around him. If your feel­ings do con­tinue to develop, it’s best to be hon­est with your friend. She might find it hard to hear, but she will ap­pre­ci­ate you telling her first. If you are se­ri­ous about act­ing on those feel­ings, you’ll have to let your friend de­cide whether she can ac­cept the pos­si­bil­ity of things go­ing fur­ther. You don’t want to lose your friend, so con­sider her feel­ings first and don’t act un­less she ap­proves.


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