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My boyfriend and I have been to­gether for about four months. He’s great, but his best friend is so cute and I ac­tu­ally think we would be bet­ter suited to­gether. I know how aw­ful I sound, but I’m strug­gling to han­dle these feel­ings and I can’t do any­thing about it be­cause ev­ery­one will hate me. HELP ME! – Meg, 17. KIM SAYS:

You don’t sound aw­ful and this is some­thing that hap­pens all the time. My ad­vice would be to stay with your cur­rent boyfriend and see if your feel­ings con­tinue to get stronger for his friend. If you fo­cus on your boyfriend, your feel­ings for his friend might pass. If your feel­ings for his friend do get stronger, you’re prob­a­bly not in the right re­la­tion­ship. Try to put your­self in your boyfriend’s shoes and think how you would feel if he had feel­ings for your best friend. Love tri­an­gles be­tween friends can cause a lot of hurt and never seem to end well. Some­times it’s best to be strong and move on to some­thing, or some­one, com­pletely new.

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