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I have a se­ri­ous crush on my teacher. I know and I’ve never ad­mit­ted it’s wrong high­light it to any­one, but his class of my day. I know is the it’s noth­ing can ever hap­pen, pretty much im­pos­si­ble but to make my feel­ings for go away. Please help him me stop crush­ing on him. – Annabella, 16. KIM SAYS:

This is a tough sit­u­a­tion as you see your teacher so of­ten! Teacher crushes are com­mon, so don’t feel like there is some­thing My ad­vice is to en­joy the wrong. fact he makes your classes en­joy­able and ap­pre­ci­ate more the things you like about him, but leave it at that. It’s dif­fi­cult to stop a crush when you see some­one all the time, so you might have to be pa­tient for your feel­ings to pass. For now, keep this crush to your­self, or chat with a friend you trust who goes to a dif­fer­ent school.

Kim Smith is the Founder of Girls Stand­ing Strong. For more info, visit girls­stand­ingstrong. com.

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