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Think you’re the only one who’s been through this? Think again! Girl­friend reader Katie*, 17, tells us about that time when she was dat­ing a guy she thought was gay.

“I sort of had a feel­ing that the guy I was dat­ing might be gay but I was never sure. Some­times our dates felt more like I was see­ing a friend rather than a boyfriend, which re­ally con­fused me.

My friends al­ways said that he was gay and they never un­der­stood why I was both­er­ing with him, which made me hes­i­tant about tak­ing the re­la­tion­ship fur­ther.

I never planned on ask­ing him be­cause I felt like it would have been an awk­ward con­ver­sa­tion and I didn’t want to hurt his feel­ings. I just fig­ured that he would’ve told me if he was. I even­tu­ally be­came fed up with al­ways ques­tion­ing his sex­u­al­ity, so one night we were tex­ting and I flat-out asked him. He got re­ally de­fen­sive about it and said he wasn’t and it turned into an ar­gu­ment. That re­ally changed things and we de­cided that it was best to go our sep­a­rate ways. We talk ev­ery now and then be­cause we have mu­tual friends but our re­la­tion­ship def­i­nitely isn’t the same as it was be­fore. It re­ally sucks, but I don’t re­gret ask­ing him about it be­cause at least I’m not con­fused any­more.”

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