We put the girls to the test!

Girlfriend - - STAN GIRL -

Would you rather know how you’re go­ing to die, or when you’re go­ing to die?

EMMA: How! So if you know you die from a squir­rel, you can just avoid all squir­rels for­ever!

Would you rather only be able to sing, or only be able to whis­per?

AMY: Sing!

It’s my job to sing, but that would be very em­bar­rass­ing when you’re or­der­ing cof­fee.

Would you rather be able to read peo­ple’s minds, or fly?

EMMA: Fly! I don’t want to know what peo­ple think of me, and then I can fly to all our gigs in the US.

Would you rather never use so­cial me­dia again or never watch a movie again?

AMY: So­cial me­dia – I’m al­ways on it, so it would be nice to have a break.

Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life, or al­ways be sur­rounded by snor­ing peo­ple?

EMMA: Snor­ing peo­ple. I would just poke them!

Would you rather have no eye­brows, or just one big eye­brow?

AMY: I guess I’d go for one big eye­brow, like Frida Kahlo.


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