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Bug­head had a hella hard time in Sea­son two, but ac­cord­ing to Cole, the cou­ple are in for a smooth ride this time. “It’s look­ing like it’s go­ing to be pretty good for Bug­head this sea­son so far,” he re­vealed at Comic-Con.

Things are not look­ing as peachy for Varchie, with Camila re­veal­ing that *if* Archiekins is sent to prison for Cas­sidy Bul­lock’s mur­der, it could be tricky. “Def­i­nitely the kind of dis­tance and sep­a­ra­tion, if he goes away, is go­ing to be tough. It’ll shake things up,” she said.

And there’s news for Choni fans. “You’re gonna see a lot more of Choni’s re­la­tion­ship,” Vanessa Mor­gan re­vealed. We feel truly blessed.

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