Cole Sprouse

Let’s be real, if you weren’t crush­ing on Cole dur­ing The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, then you’re defs ad­mir­ing this care­fully cre­ated mas­ter­piece of a man now. Why do we love him? Hon­estly, where do we be­gin...

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1 Smiles and Smarts

The two most im­por­tant S words. Does he have a great smile? 110%. We’re pretty sure that cheeky grin could gen­er­ate enough en­ergy to power an en­tire sub­urb. Aside from be­ing a walk­ing art­work, he’s also su­per smart. Cole took time away from act­ing to get a uni­ver­sity de­gree in ar­chae­ol­ogy. Di­nosaur-dig dates later?

2 He’s low-key mys­te­ri­ous

One thing that Cole is great at is giv­ing us a bit of mys­tery. We all love a bad boy, and he’s got the whole sitch cov­ered as Jug­head in Riverdale. Thing is, Cole keeps his pri­vate life un­der wraps. Is he still dat­ing Lili Reinhart? Is he hu­man or a liv­ing an­gel? We may never know.

3 He’s artis­tic

When Cole stud­ied ar­chae­ol­ogy, he also mi­nored in photography, giv­ing him the skills he needed to bless all of our In­sta feeds. The way he cap­tures the world around him is beau­ti­ful. He’s even done shoots for Sam Smith, Ken­dall Jen­ner and, of course, sweet­heart Lili.

4 He can rock any hair­style

If you’ve known Cole from the be­gin­ning, his hair has gone through some wildly dif­fer­ent phases. He’s done the full round of styles and colours and some­how man­ages to still look per­fect. This boy’s locks are truly magic.

5 His cheeky In­sta habits

If you’re ever lucky enough to be in a po­si­tion where you can take a sneaky shot of Cole, make sure he doesn’t catch you first, or he’ll add you to his col­lec­tion of pics of peo­ple try­ing (and fail­ing!) to get a stealthy snap. The ac­count (@cam­er­a_­du­els) says, “This In­sta­gram is ded­i­cated to the peo­ple out there who se­cretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest cam­era win.” The cap­tions on ev­ery photo are in­sanely funny and you are guar­an­teed to love his hu­mour even more.

6 He has a twin

OK, so if for some wild rea­son you didn’t know this al­ready, sur­prise! Cole is the younger twin to Dy­lan by 15 mins and we’re thank­ful the uni­verse has blessed us with a sec­ond Sprouse. Both twins started act­ing when they were eight months old and have been in a heap of TV shows and movies.

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