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One-fifth of Why Don’t We, Jack Avery, chats to us about meet­ing Ed Sheeran, his fave ‘man­band’ and what’s next for the group.

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Your song ‘Trust Fund Baby’ was writ­ten by Ed Sheeran. How did that come about?

Our la­bel con­tacted us and said, “So some­one wrote a song for you, it’s called ‘Trust Fund Baby.’” And we’re like, “Yo, who wrote it?” And they were like, “Ed Sheeran”, and we just started freak­ing out. Like no way did Ed Sheeran ac­tu­ally write a song for us, be­cause that was one of our goals – to work with Ed Sheeran – and fi­nally it hap­pened. We got into the stu­dio with Steve Mack, who also pro­duces for Ed, and he’s a su­per cool guy. It was so fun record­ing that song.

Have you guys met Ed?

We first met him at the VMAs. He just walked up and shook our hands, and was like, “Con­grats on all your suc­cess.” The sec­ond time we met him, Tay­lor Swift in­vited us to her green room back­stage at Madi­son Square Gar­den dur­ing the Jin­gle Ball tour and we walk in think­ing we’re only go­ing to see Tay­lor, but then Ed is sit­ting in there and he’s like, “Guys, the song sounded good” – be­fore “Trust Fund” was out. It was su­per crazy!

Why Don’t We are in­spir­ing a whole new gen­er­a­tion. What bands in­spired you?

The Bea­tles were a very big in­spi­ra­tion. They didn’t re­ally care about what sound they had, they weren’t re­ally go­ing for the norm – as in mak­ing music that peo­ple are ex­pect­ing to hear. I feel like we’re try­ing to take in­spi­ra­tion from that. We’re just mak­ing music we like to make.

What’s your favourite thing about tour­ing?

Hon­estly, just see­ing how hard the fans go ev­ery night. When we get on stage, the fans just start erupt­ing. It gives you so much en­ergy to per­form.

What’s the big­gest goal for Why Don’t We?

Our big­gest goal is to do an arena tour. With how hard our fans go and how much they pro­mote us, I think we can.

You started as a solo artist. Could you imag­ine hav­ing this suc­cess by your­self?

I can’t imag­ine be­ing a solo artist – I would go in­sane! Hav­ing four other guys with you – not just guys, but your best friends – you go on stage and you all ex­pe­ri­ence the same ex­act crazy mag­i­cal mo­ments ev­ery night. No-one knows ex­actly what you just ex­pe­ri­enced if you’re a solo artist, but in a band they all ex­pe­ri­ence the same thing as you.

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