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We chat to Jesy about LM5

Jesy, Per­rie, Leigh-Anne and Jade are back with their fifth al­bum, ti­tled LM5, which is filled with bops about ~girl power~ and these ladies are ready to rule the mu­sic world once again. Girl­friend spoke to Lit­tle Mix an­gel Jesy to get the low­down on the band’s new era.

How has your sound changed from Glory Days to now?

It has evolved in the sense that it’s so much more ma­ture and it’s more stripped back with the pro­duc­tion. There’s a lot more we’re do­ing vo­cally that is com­pletely dif­fer­ent than what we’ve done be­fore. It’s the most girl-power al­bum that we’ve ever writ­ten. I feel like it’s the al­bum we’ve al­ways wanted to write.

Your new song ‘Woman Like Me’ fea­tures the queen her­self, Nicki Mi­naj. How did that come about?

We’ve al­ways wanted to work with Nicki, lit­er­ally since we first got to­gether as a group, and it was just all about the tim­ing and her be­ing on the right song. She heard it and she loved it, and she was like, “I re­ally want to work with the girls.”

What strong women in­spire Lit­tle Mix?

Def­i­nitely our mums, who have to put up with a lot from us!

Glory Days has of­fi­cially sold one mil­lion copies. How does it feel?

Amaz­ing! We’ve been to­gether for seven years and it just keeps go­ing up, which is kind of un­heard of for girl groups.

There are con­stant news ar­ti­cles writ­ten about your phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance. How do you cope?

It’s so im­por­tant to be around peo­ple who are pos­i­tive and make you feel good about your­self. As we’ve be­come women, we just don’t re­ally care as much any more, but when you’re younger it’s a lot harder. We gen­uinely have found a self-love we never had be­fore and it’s im­por­tant for us to en­cour­age girls to see them­selves and love them­selves for who they are, and re­mind them that ev­ery­thing on In­sta­gram isn’t real.

Do you guys hang out when you’re tour­ing or record­ing?

Lit­er­ally all the time! We can’t get away from each other. Peo­ple think we’re weirdos be­cause we lit­er­ally spend ev­ery day to­gether and even in our time off we still want to spend time with each other.

Who is your favourite girl group of all time?

It’s got to be the Spice Girls! I think that goes for all of us ac­tu­ally. They were all about girl power as well.

What’s the cutest thing a fan has done for you?

Our fans al­ways make us these amaz­ing books with pic­tures and mes­sages from all over the world – it’s just so cute!

How does it feel to grow up with your fans?

It feels so weird. When we started

X Fac­tor we had fans that were 15 and now they’re 22 – like they’re women

now! But it’s so nice to see that they’ve stuck by us for so long.

If you could lis­ten to one band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Prob­a­bly the Spice Girls and the song would be ‘Viva For­ever’. I love it.

Who do you think is killing it in the mu­sic in­dus­try right now?

I love Ri­hanna. I think she’s so brave with ev­ery­thing that she does with her fash­ion, with her mu­sic and she doesn’t care what other peo­ple think. She’s a real role model to women in re­gards to just be­ing you.

If you could see any­one per­form, who would it be?

Missy Eliott. She’s lit­er­ally my idol!

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