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The beauty spills the tea on her new mu­sic and movie

Sab­rina Car­pen­ter is at the top of her game. She re­leased her third al­bum, Sin­gu­lar: Act 1

(with the sec­ond act com­ing soon!) and she has two films out in 2019. The singer, song­writer and ac­tress is jug­gling mul­ti­ple projects and 15 mil­lion In­sta fol­low­ers. NBD. While she was in Aus­tralia, GF was lucky enough to chat to her about mu­sic, dat­ing and anx­i­ety.

Your last record came out two years ago. How has the song­writ­ing process changed as you’ve got older?

Dra­mat­i­cally. I just re­alised that there was no for­mula and no one way to write a song. I re­alised that you didn’t have to fol­low a cer­tain struc­ture. It’s been a learn­ing process. But with my song­writ­ing process, some­times it’s short, some­times it’s long.

What was your favourite part of mak­ing Sin­gu­lar?

The peo­ple I got to work with. I got to work with some in­cred­i­ble new peo­ple that I didn’t get to work with on my last al­bum and they all taught me so much. I felt more a part of the song­writer com­mu­nity than ever be­fore. When I started writ­ing this al­bum I was 17 and now I’m 19, so I think at that age peo­ple can def­i­nitely look down on you. But the peo­ple I worked with never did that. They were al­ways very en­cour­ag­ing and lis­tened to what I had to say. Go­ing through pu­berty on Girl Meets World must have been hard...

It sucks. It’s the worst! All I know is that in sea­son one my hair looked like Dolly Par­ton for the ma­jor­ity of it, so I just don’t re­ally look back. For me, those are like my em­bar­rass­ing school pho­tos!

What made you sign on for the movie adap­ta­tion of The Hate U Give?

There was a part of me that was like, “Well, I don’t like the role that I’m play­ing, but I love the story that I get to be a part of telling.” It was an im­por­tant char­ac­ter that had to be played in or­der for peo­ple to be able to un­der­stand the story. I think that peo­ple will un­for­tu­nately see them­selves in my char­ac­ter and it’s a bit of a wake-up call. I had a hard time say­ing things that my char­ac­ter had to say and do­ing things that she had to do and find­ing that place where she was com­ing from be­cause I al­most couldn’t, but ev­ery­one in­volved had

100 per cent of their heart in telling this story the right way.

You’ve also got a film called The Short His­tory Of The Long Road

com­ing in 2019. What drew you to this script?

This is the first movie I’ve ever done where I re­ally trans­form my­self. Ba­si­cally, it’s about this young girl who grows up in a van with her dad and then some­thing hap­pens and she’s forced to be on her own, and it was just an emo­tional roller-coaster. I got to be very or­ganic in my out­side ap­pear­ance. It was a very dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter for me to play.

How do you jug­gle the de­mands of your act­ing and singing ca­reers?

There’s a time and a place for ev­ery­thing. I think it’s about pick­ing and choos­ing. It is hard be­cause I’m one of those peo­ple who wants to do ev­ery­thing. I love see­ing how much I can jug­gle. But I also love to put

100 per cent into what I do, so it’s about pick­ing things that I feel the most at­tached to, and things that I know I’m gonna have fun with and hope­fully can bring some­thing to the world.

You’ve men­tioned that anx­i­ety is some­thing you’ve dealt with. Do you think so­cial me­dia plays a part in that?

Yeah, ab­so­lutely. It’s so in­ter­est­ing to see how peo­ple han­dle that on so­cial me­dia. Chrissy Teigen han­dles ev­ery­thing with a sense of hu­mour and calls out peo­ple be­fore they call her out. It’s so

“I had a hard time say­ing things my char­ac­ter had to say.”

in­ter­est­ing how the world has changed and it means that we’re harder on each other. When the world is chang­ing so quickly and you’re try­ing to catch up, it can feel very stress­ful and then it all kind of builds up that mo­men­tum and that’s what they call anx­i­ety, I think. Be­cause you don’t re­ally know how to de­scribe it, it’s just too much.

Can we ex­pect an Aus­tralian tour of the new al­bum?

Ab­so­lutely! I’ve never done a proper show here so that’s the goal for 2019. I have so many in­cred­i­ble, sweet fans here and I love Aus­tralia so much.

This is your third time in Aus­tralia. Do you have a favourite place?

Wher­ever the Tim Tams are!

As a young woman with a large fol­low­ing, do you ever feel pres­sure to act a cer­tain way?

No. I think some­times you ques­tion like, “Oh, should I post this?” and then you go, “Wait, who am I look­ing to seek for ap­proval?” If my mum ap­proves of a photo, then I’m fine. And also, I think of it as if I didn’t have the fol­low­ing and I was just post­ing for my friends – I should post how I would want to post.

How do you find dat­ing when you’re al­ways on the move?

That’s an easy an­swer. I just don’t nav­i­gate it. I think it has to find you wher­ever you are in the world and so that’s prob­a­bly why it hasn’t found me yet. Be­cause I just don’t stop and I don’t get off planes. But I al­ways think it’ll be the right place, right time sort of thing.

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