The big Net­flix quiz

Think you are the master binge­watcher? Put your­self to the test!

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Test your binge-sesh knowl­edge

1 In Stranger Things, what is Eleven’s name changed to on her new birth cer­tifi­cate? A: Jill Wood­bury B: Jen Hughes C: Jane Hop­per D: Joy Wil­son 2 In what class­room are Elle and Noah caught kiss­ing on the se­cu­rity cam­eras in The Kiss­ing Booth? A: English B: Math C: His­tory D: Chem­istry

3 What does Gil­bert call Anne in Anne With An E?

A: Car­rots

B: Freck­les C: Girly D: Gin­ger

4 How much money do you win if you bake the best cakes on an episode of Nailed It!? A: $150 B: $1000 C: $10,000 D: $15,000

5 Who is in charge of beauty on Queer Eye?

A: Jonathan B: Tan C: Bobby D: Karamo

6 What is Sunny’s spe­cial skill in A Se­ries Of Un­for­tu­nate

Events? A: Singing B: Bit­ing C: In­vent­ing D: Read­ing

7 In Or­ange Is The New Black,

why is Piper orig­i­nally sent to prison?

A: For armed rob­bery and car hi­jack­ing

B: For theft and il­le­gal weapon pos­ses­sion

C: For crim­i­nal con­spir­acy and money laun­der­ing

D: For speed­ing and break­ing road rules

8 What are the names of the five boys Lara Jean writes a

let­ter to in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Be­fore?

A: Chris­tian, Kenny, James, Ryan, John

B: Alex, Luca, Josh, Zach, Chris C: Peter, Michael, Luca, Alex, James D: Kenny, John, Josh, Lu­cas,

Peter 9 Who plays Har­vey Kin­kle in The Chill­ing Ad­ven­tures Of Sab­rina?

A: Ross Lynch B: Rocky Lynch C: Dy­lan Sprouse D: David Hen­rie

10 Who is the cheer­leader that Sierra be­friends in

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser? A: Vanessa B: Veron­ica C: Vic­to­ria D: Vi­o­let

11 How many peo­ple did Jes­sica date in 13 Rea­sons Why? A: 1 B: 2 C: 3 D: 4

12 In Un­break­able Kimmy

Sch­midt, Ti­tus An­drome­don feels he is treated bet­ter than usual when wear­ing a par­tic­u­lar cos­tume.

Which one? A: A vam­pire B: A mummy C: A wiz­ard D: A were­wolf

13 Why does Patty have to have jaw surgery in In­sa­tiable?

A: Be­cause she gets punched in the face

B: Be­cause she trips down the stairs

C: Be­cause she runs into a glass door

D: Be­cause she falls out of a tree

14 What is the name of the ‘Magic Robot Lady’ in The

Good A: Francine Place? B: Janet C: Clarissa D: Moira

15 The cre­ator

of The Chill­ing Ad­ven­tures Of Sab­rina,

Roberto Aguirre-Sa­casa, also cre­ated which pop­u­lar Net­flix show? A: Riverdale B: 13 Rea­sons Why C: Stranger


D: Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

16 How many rules do Lara Jean and Peter make about their re­la­tion­ship?

A: 2 B: 7 C: 9 D: 100

17 Shan­non Purser from Sierra Burgess

Is A Loser has also ap­peared in Riverdale.

What was her char­ac­ter’s name? A: Jean B: Emily C: Barb D: Ethel

18 Which co­me­dian plays Char­lie’s room­mate in Set It Up? A: Jerry Se­in­feld B: Pete David­son C: Jonah Hill D: Andy Sam­berg

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