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Most of us ex­pe­ri­ence red­ness on our face, es­pe­cially around the nose. Some peo­ple suf­fer from a more se­vere con­di­tion called rosacea. There’s not a lot known about what causes it, but it of­ten re­sults in large red flare-ups across the face. Whether you suf­fer from mi­nor red­ness or rosacea, there are ways to calm it down.

What to do BE GEN­TLE:

If you’re prone to red­ness, chances are you have sen­si­tive skin. When wash­ing your face, be gen­tle as scrub­bing can cause more red patches. Take it easy when ex­fo­li­at­ing, too.


Sun ex­po­sure can in­duce red­ness, es­pe­cially if you suf­fer from rosacea, so it’s im­por­tant to slap on sun­block ev­ery day.


To fix the ap­pear­ance of red­ness, get your­self a colour cor­rec­tor palette. They usu­ally come with four shades – yel­low to brighten dull skin, pink for dark cir­cles, brown for dark pig­men­ta­tion and green for red­ness and blem­ishes. While it won’t fix the is­sue, it will help con­ceal it.

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