Lubricant is for old ladies

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Nope. Defs not. Lubricant ac­tu­ally re­duces fric­tion, which can help de­crease dis­com­fort dur­ing sex. This myth has to do with the fact women usu­ally pro­duce less lu­bri­ca­tion as they age. “Lubricant may en­hance sex­ual plea­sure for peo­ple of all ages!” Dr Sweeney says. “It’s es­pe­cially im­por­tant to use with con­doms to re­duce fric­tion, slip­page or break­age, but you should never use any type of oil-based lubricant with con­doms as it can cause break­age. Wa­ter­based lubri­cants are the most com­monly avail­able and best for use with la­tex con­doms.”

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