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Nup! The say­ing goes that guys with large feet are blessed down be­low, but it’s not the case. It’s just an old wives’ tale, which some­how hasn’t died. “The size of the pe­nis has no re­la­tion to how tall a man is or the size of his feet,” Dr Sweeney says. “Smaller penises can grow a lot when erect, while some larger penises may not grow much big­ger when erect. When it comes to women, the cli­toris is a su­per sen­si­tive or­gan vis­i­ble as a pea-sized bump cov­ered in folds of skin. How­ever, the or­gan has the abil­ity to ex­tend deeper within the body to about the same length as an av­er­age pe­nis! It has erec­tile tis­sue like the pe­nis, and be­comes big­ger when aroused.”

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