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Why are guys so ter­ri­ble at ex­press­ing their emo­tions? Do they ever cry to their mates?

The stigma about guys need­ing to hide and bury their emo­tions is chang­ing, I think. We’re all emo­tional be­ings and of course we cry. You know you’ve got a good bro if you can have a cry to­gether!

I usu­ally get my friends to help me with texts to the guys I like, but do guys ever do the same thing?

Ab­so­lutely! I’ve al­ways asked my friends to help me send texts. Some­times I just don’t know what to say or I’m scared I’ll say the wrong thing. I al­ways fig­ured that at least if I got re­jected I’d have my friends to help me – and to blame of course! ;)

I have a mas­sive crush on a guy at school and it’s the first per­son I’ve felt this way about. Do I just tell him? Or do I wait for the se­cret to make its way around the school and see what he does? Help!

Oh, I feel you! I’ve al­ways been su­per scared of even say­ing hello to my crush and it’s made me over­think the sit­u­a­tion so many times. There’s no bet­ter feel­ing than con­fronting your fears, build­ing up the courage and just go­ing for it. You’ll thank your­self later!

How do you dis­tin­guish if a guy is be­ing flirty or just friendly? Me and my crush have a se­cret hand­shake, but he does them with ev­ery­one!

He could just have a friendly per­son­al­ity, so speak up and dis­tin­guish if it’s spe­cial be­tween you two or just mates. It might sound ter­ri­fy­ing, but he’ll re­spect the hell out of you for be­ing brave and ask­ing. And who knows, maybe hav­ing the guts to ask will put you on his radar as more than friends – if you weren’t al­ready!

“The stigma about guys need­ing to hide their emo­tions is chang­ing. Of course we cry!”

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