What’s your flavour?

Take the test and find out which ice-cream you are!

Girlfriend - - STAN GIRL -

1 It’s your first trip to the beach this sea­son. What do you do? A: Soak up the sun­shine B: Run into the waves C: Play beach cricket D: Get an ice-cream 2 You’ve bought new swim­mers. What have you cho­sen? A: A sleek one-piece B: A cute, frilly blue two-piece C: A flo­ral bikini with high-waisted bot­toms D: A me­tal­lic or­ange bikini 3 You’ve gotta be sun­safe, so which hat are you rock­ing? A: A wide­brimmed hat B: A base­ball cap you can wear with a high ponytail C: A stylish pink cap D: A straw hat 4 How would you love to spend sum­mer? A: Cruis­ing on a boat B: Go­ing on out­door ad­ven­tures C: Vis­it­ing theme parks with your BFFs D: Pool­side with snacks, mu­sic and friends 5 What’s your go-to meal?

A: Sushi B: Ta­cos C: Fish and chips

D: Pizza

6 Which sport can you be found do­ing this sum­mer? A: It’s too hot!

B: Surf­ing

C: Beach vol­ley­ball D: Swim­ming

7 Choose a dessert...

A: Choco­late mousse

B: Berry par­fait C: Vanilla-bean pana cotta D: Choc sun­dae

8 It’s time for a Net­flix binge. What are you watch­ing?

A: Shame­less

B: The Good

Place C: Un­break­able Kimmy Sch­midt D: Queer Eye 9 What sum­mer es­sen­tial can’t you live with­out?

A: A pair of cat-eye sun­nies B: Short-shorts in any colour! C: A cute, flowy sum­mer dress D: San­dals

10 Pick a track to play on car rides...

A: ‘Style’ by Tay­lor Swift

B: ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen

C: ‘Crazy

In Love’ by Bey­oncé

D: ‘Side to

Side’ by Ar­i­ana Grande

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