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A con­fi­dence coach is like your best, straight-talk­ing friend on steroids. They do it ev­ery­day so they know what they're do­ing. In­tro­duc­ing Mel, the stun­ning on­line con­fi­dence coach with a vast ex­pe­ri­ence in mod­el­ling, styling with an im­pres­sive and loyal In­sta­gram fol­low­ing, and town plan­ning to boot. No stranger to life's ups and downs, she dusts her­self off and comes back more gor­geous, and stronger than ever. Then she uses her ex­pe­ri­ence to help move other ladies for­ward. I know be­cause we chat­ted right around the time this mag­a­zine was be­ing con­ceived. I'm no stranger to good sense, hav­ing soaked up plenty of sound ad­vice over the years, hav­ing a few knocks and come­backs my­self, but this mil­lion dol­lar lady even man­aged to teach me a thing or two, or twenty.

We are so ex­cited to have you in­ter­view be­cause like us, you be­lieve in mak­ing an im­pact.

What is the most im­por­tant mo­ti­va­tor for you and where does your pas­sion come from?

Thank you for your sup­port I’m so happy to be part of this and help­ing to raise the en­ergy of other am­bi­tious women. I never knew ex­actly what I wanted to do specif­i­cally. I just al­ways knew what I didn’t want to do, so that lead me to try var­i­ous things that I might like.

When I try some­thing new I lis­ten to my in­tu­ition and if I don’t like it I pivot. I’m so flex­i­ble in find­ing what deeply res­onates with me. This ap­proach led me to find­ing things I love, one of which is sup­port­ing peo­ple from the ground up to live health­ier, wealth­ier, more ful­fill­ing lives.

If you could give one piece of ad­vice to a bud­ding en­tre­pre­neur, what would it be?

Goals make take longer than you first cal­cu­lated but it doesn’t mean you won’t hit them. Keep go­ing. Re­main calm so you stay fo­cused and be mind­ful in your ap­proach to hit­ting them sooner than later.

The right at­ti­tude and mind­set is im­por­tant to achieve suc­cess, what ad­vice would you give to make sure ours is at it's best?

Your mind is a tool you can con­trol. You need to train it of­ten to do ex­actly what you want when you want.

Thoughts spark your emo­tions and the mean­ing you uniquely match to those emo­tions sparks your at­ti­tude. Mind de­vel­op­ment is sim­ple and some­thing you can en­joy when you find what ig­nites pos­i­tive thoughts and feel­ings within you and make that a daily prac­tice.

You are a ve­gan and be­lieve in the ve­gan life­style. How im­por­tant do you think it is to link your be­liefs to your ac­tiv­i­ties, and re­ally live them au­then­ti­cally? Is it pos­si­ble that we can hold our­selves back if we aren’t ac­knowl­edg­ing what is truly im­por­tant to us?

If hap­pi­ness and hon­est re­la­tion­ships are im­por­tant to you then yes 100% we need to find ways to move our­selves into our au­then­tic­ity.

If we don’t face the courage to live and share our truths, we con­se­quently live in fear and it drains us emo­tion­ally, men­tally and phys­i­cally.

It’s em­pow­er­ing to know we al­ways have choice. Whether we act con­gru­ent to those is an­other thing. When you find your­self not be­ing hon­est with your ex­pec­ta­tions there is an un­der­ly­ing rea­son so let go of get­ting an­gry at your­selves or oth­ers for “mak­ing you”.

Ev­ery­one is al­ways do­ing the best they can. Over my life I've made an ef­fort to try my best to be true to my­self de­spite what the peo­ple around me might find com­fort in. You know what's good for you. I don’t think we need to “ac­knowl­edge” our au­then­tic­ity.

I think most peo­ple are ob­sessed with *peo­ple pleas­ing* and are afraid to hon­our what they know or de­sire in fear of re­jec­tion so it's eas­ier to live in a fa­cade of "I'm lost" be­cause this is the only way they cur­rently know how to get love and at­ten­tion they crave.

It takes mas­sive courage to stand up and share your truth with the pos­si­bil­ity of stand­ing alone. So the prob­lem then shifts from be­ing “held back” in life to be­ing “able to com­mu­ni­cate” our au­then­tic­ity to the peo­ple we love so they can res­onate and un­der­stand us and we don’t lose con­nec­tion.

If you can move through your fear of con­flict and com­mu­ni­ca­tion in a lov­ing ap­proach your au­then­tic­ity will si­mul­ta­ne­ously rise be­cause it was within you all along.

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