PGA Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional Charles Kares re­veals the highs and lows of chip­ping.

SAV­ING shots around the green is the key to im­prov­ing your hand­i­cap and scor­ing.

The dif­fer­ence be­tween a tour­ing pro­fes­sional and a club golfer around the green, is the tour­ing pro makes the cor­rect club se­lec­tion and un­der­stands how to use the club­face an­gle to cre­ate the cor­rect flight and spin for the shot re­quired.

Many golfers try to ‘scoop’ (pic 1) and ‘con­trol’ the flight of the ball with their hands rather than use the bounce of the wedge.

By set­ting up the club with the cor­rect face an­gle, you will be in a bet­ter po­si­tion to start the ball low or launch high. A square club­face (pic 2), with your hands in front of the ball po­si­tion, will send the ball on a lower tra­jec­tory. An open club­face (pics 3 & 4), with your hands more in line with the ball, will send the ball higher and the speed of the club­head through the shot will im­part more back­spin.

Re­mem­ber, a high launch­ing shot will nor­mally stop faster with more spin than play­ing a low launch­ing shot (pic 5) which rolls out more once it lands on the green.

The type of grass you are play­ing on will also dic­tate the kind of shot you will need to play. It is eas­ier to run the ball through couch grass, while it is eas­ier to loft the ball off kikuyu. When hit­ting a shot into a kikuyu fringe, be aware the ball will more than likely get stuck and not re­lease onto the putting sur­face. Un­der­stand­ing this will help you make the cor­rect de­ci­sion for the shot style and club se­lec­tion.

One pro se­cret you can also use is to set up to any chip with a soft grip pres­sure and swing with a smooth tempo. Ten­sion in your hands will cre­ate in­con­sis­tent flight and spin when chip­ping, which is not ideal.

Ad­vanced coach­ing cer­ti­fied PGA Pro­fes­sional CHARLES KARES is a teach­ing pro at The Lakes Golf Club. You can book a les­son with Charles via the web­site www.the­lakesgolf­ or call (02) 9669 3544.

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