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We chat ex­clu­sively to Christina Kim about her golf­ing idols, her love of Tim Tams and where she thinks the women’s game is at.

1. When did you first pick up a golf club? I was just shy of 12 when my fa­ther put a golf club in my hand. 2. Who’s your best friend on Tour? With­out a doubt, Jane Park is my best friend on Tour. Other close friends in­clude Ly­dia Ko, Su Oh, Ma­rina Alex, Me­gan Khang, and Tif­fany Joh. 3. What’s been one of the best shots of your ca­reer? One of the best shots in my ca­reer would have to be my first hole-in-one while on Tour back in 2006 at the Ginn Open. I knew it was per­fect the mo­ment I made con­tact. 4. Favourite club in your bag? I love all of my PXG clubs! I used to love my driver the most, but I love my put­ter at the mo­ment. The art of putting is mind-bog­gling, frus­trat­ing and so beau­ti­ful at the same time. 5. What is your big­gest goal at the mo­ment? My big­gest goal is to play my best ev­ery sin­gle day and to rack up as many vic­to­ries as pos­si­ble. 6. Who’s some­one you’d love to meet? Why? I re­ally don’t know who I would like to meet. I’ve met plenty of celebri­ties that have been cool and those who have not. Peo­ple are peo­ple at the end of the day, so I al­ways love meet­ing kind peo­ple. It doesn’t mat­ter their walk of life. 7. Who’s been the big­gest in­flu­ence in your ca­reer? My fa­ther, who in­tro­duced me to the game and taught me to be the player I am to this day, is with­out a doubt the big­gest in­flu­ence on my ca­reer. 8. What’s the strong­est part of your game at the mo­ment? At the mo­ment I think my ball strik­ing is the strong­est part of my game. 9. What’s some­thing you want to im­prove? I al­ways think there’s a place to im­prove upon ev­ery part of one’s game, but the art of putting is the hard­est to conquer in my opin­ion. You can putt well with­out mak­ing any­thing; you can putt poorly but have ev­ery­thing fall in the cup. It’s some­thing I’m al­ways striv­ing to im­prove. 10. What’s the best part of be­ing a pro­fes­sional golfer? There are so many won­der­ful parts of be­ing a pro golfer! The abil­ity to travel is amaz­ing, be­cause you can learn about many dif­fer­ent cul­tures. But the best part is be­ing able to say I do what I love, and I love what I do. How many peo­ple can ac­tu­ally say that? 11. What’s the worst part? I don’t think there’s a part of tour­ing life that I would say is the “worst” be­cause I’m so lucky to have the life I do. One thing that can some­times get tir­ing is the men­tal wear and tear play­ing so many weeks in a row takes on you. But I’m lucky to be able to ex­pe­ri­ence said men­tal wear! There are plenty of play­ers that are still striv­ing to get on tour, and I know that is tough. 12. What do you think about when some­one men­tions Aus­tralia? TIM TAMS! 13. You have one of the big­gest per­son­al­i­ties on Tour … How do you deal with be­ing recog­nised in pub­lic? Do you en­joy it? I don’t know if I re­ally get no­ticed in pub­lic. There are far more recog­nis­able play­ers on Tour. But I al­ways try to have time for peo­ple that are ob­vi­ously so golf nuts they can recog­nise me with­out my hat and out­side of golf clothes! 14. Would you change any­thing you’ve done in your pro­fes­sional ca­reer? I’m very happy with my life right now, and I per­son­ally don’t live life in re­grets. I wouldn’t change any­thing about my ca­reer be­cause I wouldn’t be where and who I am oth­er­wise. 15. Where do you think women’s golf is at right now? I think women’s golf is in such an ex­cit­ing place right now! There are so many won­der­ful young women that are bring­ing the game to the masses, and there are count­less amaz­ing sto­ries to read about. It’s def­i­nitely on the up, and hope­fully will con­tinue to soar! 16. Where would you like to see it? I would love to see a day when the men and women play for the same amount of money. Even though the men play a dif­fer­ent game with re­gards to how far they hit it, I don’t see why there should be such a large dis­par­ity be­tween what the men and women get paid. 17. What would you be do­ing if you weren’t a golfer? I get asked this ques­tion a lot. All I’ve ever wanted to do is play golf, so I don’t know what I would do oth­er­wise! I love chil­dren and I love an­i­mals, so maybe some­thing to help chil­dren in need, or an an­i­mal con­ser­va­tion ef­fort. 18. How many hole-in-ones have you had in your life? I’ve had eight or nine, I can’t quite re­call how many! But I can prom­ise half of them were good shots, and sev­eral were quite lucky! I’ve hit many great shots in my life, and I don’t think aces are a great in­di­ca­tor of great play. 19. If you could play any other sport pro­fes­sion­ally, what would it be? I love Amer­i­can base­ball, but I know I would be crap at it. I would love to think that with proper train­ing and with my work ef­fort, rugby would be an amaz­ing sport to ex­pe­ri­ence. I would like to think I’m tough and can give or take a hit, but those rugby play­ers (men and fe­male) are ab­so­lute sav­ages and have all my re­spect! 20. Who was your golf­ing icon grow­ing up? Grow­ing up, I watched a lot of Karrie Webb, Se Ri Pak, and Meg Mal­lon. I was also learn­ing to love the game when the ini­tial Tiger Woods ex­plo­sion hap­pened, and there’s no ques­tion he changed the game and made it more main­stream.

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