Launch it high

Golf Australia - - IN MY OPINION -

A high launch de­liv­ers a yard-munch­ing tra­jec­tory. At im­pact, Joe Miller’s driver is swing­ing up­wards at a 10-12º de­gree an­gle, launch­ing the ball at around 17º. Miller’s fig­ures are pretty ex­treme, but if you can raise your launch you can add easy yards. Fol­low these four steps.

1 PRO­MOTE LAUNCH THROUGH POS­TURE Take your reg­u­lar driver stance, the ball an inch or two in­side your lead heel. Face both palms down to­wards the ground; they should be at equal heights. CRE­ATE SPINE LEAN Push down with your trail hand till it’s just above your knee, al­low­ing your gloved hand to rise. Your torso now leans away from the tar­get, set­ting up an up­ward sweep through im­pact.

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