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All power driv­ers cre­ate great width and ex­ten­sion through their ac­tions. Width al­lows the golfer to cre­ate pow­er­ful lever­age while en­cour­ag­ing the flat­ter base to the swing the driver needs. Fol­low these tips to build width.

POCKET POWER Build­ing width has much to do with cre­at­ing free­dom to turn. To find this free­dom, fo­cus on mak­ing a full and free hip ro­ta­tion. To feel this, grip your driver with your gloved hand only and grasp your trail pocket with the other hand. LEAD HEEL CAN RISE If your lead heel wants to rise in re­sponse to the fuller hip ro­ta­tion, let it. Un­less you’re very flex­i­ble, any at­tempt to keep it down will curb turn, width and lever­age. FULL HIP RO­TA­TION Start your back­swing by pulling back­wards on the pocket, as if to­wards some­one stand­ing be­hind you. It pro­motes a deeper and fuller hip ro­ta­tion with­out lat­eral sway. STRONGER TURN As you try this drill, feel how a fuller hip turn makes it eas­ier for you to turn your up­per body pow­er­fully be­hind the ball. This will help you cre­ate a pow­er­ful, wide arc.

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