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Ja­son Day pos­sesses a swing that is widely en­vied and was at its best when he won re­cently at Tor­rey Pines. The Swing Doc­tor re­veals what you can learn from his win­ning swing.

1 Day’s ad­dress po­si­tion is strong and ath­letic. He has a lit­tle more flex in his knees than other elite play­ers but he looks balanced, with his weight over the balls of his feet. Also, im­por­tant to note here that the shaft of the club is ide­ally at a right an­gle to Day’s spine and the butt of the club is point­ing at his belt buckle.

2 A text­book set-up leads to a good take­away. His one-piece take­away has been ini­ti­ated by his shoul­ders. Look how re­laxed his arms ap­pear to be as he turns. This is im­por­tant when its comes to the fi­nal stages of the back­swing and the fold­ing of the right arm.

3 Half­way back, his arms are out in front of his turn­ing up­per body and the shaft of the club is on a line that is close to par­al­lel with the tar­get line. See how the toe of the driver is point­ing straight up, which in­di­cates the club­face is square, rel­a­tive to its square po­si­tion at ad­dress.

4 Day’s back­swing shows great con­trol but it is also stor­ing lots of power. His legs have re­mained rel­a­tively quiet dur­ing the back­swing, as have his hips while his shoul­ders have al­most reached 90 de­grees to the tar­get line. This is a po­si­tion of strength.

5 Day’s shoul­ders have turned be­yond the 90 de­grees but his arms swing shorter than most Tour play­ers. He has got such a strong up­per body, he can gen­er­ate all the power he wants through his up­per body ro­ta­tion and the use of the big­ger mus­cles with­out swing­ing the club long.

6 As Day starts his down­swing, his hips have ro­tated in­de­pen­dently of his up­per body. This tran­si­tion cre­ates plenty of lag and stored power, which will be ap­plied to the ball at im­pact.

7 Day’s club shaft points per­fectly at the tar­get line run­ning through the ball. This means Day, who started with his club per­fectly on plane at ad­dress, is still on plane reach­ing half­way in the down­swing. An­other in­di­ca­tor of good path and plane, is the shaft bi­sects his right and left fore­arms.

8 The club­head is re­ally mo­tor­ing now. His hips have cleared through and his right el­bow is tucked in nicely near his right hip. This is in­dica­tive of Day’s wide back­swing then nar­row­ing on the down­swing to pro­mote a draw swing path.

9 This is as good as gets at im­pact. All the stored up power has been re­leased at the mo­ment of truth and Day has made a pow­er­ful, clean strike.

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