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Tak­ing the ad­justa­bil­ity and multi-ma­te­rial de­sign of the suc­cess­ful M1 driv­ers to an­other level, Tay­lorMade’s new M3 driv­ers in­cor­po­rate the com­pany’s new ‘Twist Face’ tech­nol­ogy – which is de­signed to com­bat golfer’s most com­mon mis-hits.

Hav­ing dis­cov­ered a flaw in tra­di­tional bulge and roll (a face tech­nol­ogy that has been a part of driver de­sign for decades) af­ter study­ing data from over 500,000 golf shots, Tay­lorMade twisted the club­face of its M3 and M4 driv­ers to over­come the left and right shots caused by toe and heel strikes.

A shot hit high and on the toe will tend to go to the left of the tar­get line with less spin, while shots hit low and on the heel spin sig­nif­i­cantly more and tra­di­tion­ally land to the right of the golfer’s tar­get line. To stop the hook, the M3’s toe area has been twisted to con­tain more loft and an open face an­gle to straighten the typ­i­cal ball flight. The heel sec­tion is de­lofted and closed to min­imise the typ­i­cal re­sult­ing slice.

In ad­di­tion to twist face, the M3 in­cor­po­rates a Y-Track ad­justa­bil­ity sys­tem of­fer­ing more than 1,000 cen­tre of grav­ity (CG) lo­ca­tions. Un­like the T-Track of the M1, the Y-Track is con­nected to al­low play­ers to move the full 22-grams of ad­justable weight for ei­ther left-to-right shot shap­ing or front-to-back CG. The new track fea­tures a flat cur­va­ture en­gi­neered for the low­est CG pos­si­ble, mean­ing when the weights are placed in the back po­si­tion, the CG is 36 per­cent fur­ther back than the 2017 M1, while also en­larg­ing the mo­ment of in­er­tia (MOI).

Of­fered in both 440cc and 460cc, the M3 utilises a ‘Ham­mer­head’ slot, which is bro­ken into three sec­tions by ‘stiff­en­ing’ ribs and al­lows for a thin­ner, more flex­i­ble face to de­liver in­creased ball speed across the club face. RRP: $749.

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