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One of the best qual­i­ties of Rory’s swing is how he loads up his right side in the back­swing, and then how he se­quences the down­swing from that po­si­tion.

If you look at po­si­tions 2, 3 and 4, you will see Rory’s left side has moved nicely be­hind his ball, load­ing most of his weight into his right leg.

That’s a po­si­tion a ma­jor­ity of club golfers rarely at­tain be­cause they have the be­lief that this is sway­ing. It’s far from it be­cause this po­si­tion is cre­ated by ro­ta­tion of the up­per body, not lat­eral move­ment.

From the top of his back­swing, Rory can drive his lower body to­wards the ball to be­gin the down­swing se­quence.

No­tice how Rory’s left hip bumps to­wards the ball to bridge the gap on the line we have drawn above his left foot.

By do­ing this Rory gen­er­ates plenty of power from the ground trans­fer­ring it up­wards through each sec­tion of his body.

Rory’s hips re­ally clear out the way so he has the free­dom to swing his arms pow­er­fully into im­pact and through. Com­bined with clubhead lag, he is able to un­leash the clubhead at great speed

The foun­da­tion of any good golf swing is the ad­dress po­si­tion. A poor set-up leads to a poor swing. Rory’s set-up po­si­tion is one that should be copied by all golfers. It is a well-balanced, ath­letic po­si­tion with good pos­ture an­gles and a straight...

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