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Can you swing a golf club as hard as pos­si­ble and hold your fin­ish po­si­tion?

If the as­nwer is no, here is the rea­son why and you would do well to try and copy Rory, who pos­sesses a fin­ish po­si­tion that some have de­scribed as a thing of beauty.

His swing seems e or­t­less and smooth, just like the “easy”, pow­er­ful swing you would love to have. But it’s not easy at all, it’s just that the ex­er­tion is in the sta­ble lower body, not his arms or shoul­ders, which is what most am­a­teur golfers use to try and gen­er­ate power.

Here’s a drill you can use to en­cour­age a balanced fin­ish like Rory. Start your next prac­tice ses­sion by strik­ing a fin­ish po­si­tion pose, per­haps like McIl­roy’s, and holding it as if you were pos­ing for a pho­tog­ra­pher.

Make sure you are balanced and your belt buckle is point­ing to­wards the tar­get. Now make a swing and try to swing into your ‘posed’ fin­ish po­si­tion. It won’t be easy but stick with it for a dozen swings or so and you should see a di er­ence with the qual­ity of your strikes.

Chances are, if you can hold your fin­ish as long as McIl­roy does, you’ve prob­a­bly made a good swing.

Head­ing into the ball, Rory’s hips have re­ally cleared out the way so he can power his arms into im­pact and through. His lag­ging of the clubhead be­hind his hands in the down­swing is about to un­leash the club at top speed. A unique as­pect of Rory’s im­pact is his open shoul­ders rel­a­tive to the tar­get line. In com­par­i­son, most play­ers’ shoul­ders are ap­prox­i­mately square to the tar­get at im­pact. Rory’s are point­ing well left of his tar­get, which is quite ex­tra­or­di­nary. This is a move that is very much his own. 7 8 Rory’s shoul­der line through im­pact is one as­pect of his swing he may have to mod­ify as he gets older and, per­haps, less sup­ple, so there are fewer de­mands placed on his body. 9

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