Bubba Wat­son

Golf Australia - - MASTERS 2018 -

I of­ten hit what I call a “dink” driver. It’s never a full driver for me, though, be­cause the fair­way nar­rows and you’re try­ing to hit into the green from a sharp downs­lope. It’s a birdie hole when the pin is in the bowl and you’re hit­ting a short-iron in, but you must be in the fair­way.


When it’s play­ing down­wind I can get over the bunkers off the tee. I’m just try­ing to hit it in the mid­dle of the fair­way and avoid those bunkers be­cause that gives you a good scor­ing op­por­tu­nity by be­ing able to reach the green in two or by leav­ing your­self a fairly short-range chip.


I aim at the right trees and cut it down the hill. The ap­proach is dif­fi­cult for ev­ery­body but I’m try­ing to hit a fade off a hook lie with a wedge! You can hit it just onto the three-tier green and have a 60-footer up two lev­els, or come up short and see it spin off. I try to carry it to the sec­ond level.


I swing away and hit a big slice to catch the slot that will help it run down the hill. When the pin is at the front I’m try­ing to pro­tect par be­cause the ball can spin back into the fair­way and leave a dif­fi­cult chip. The mid­dle and back pins I go at and try to leave my­self in­side 20 feet for birdie.


I’m just try­ing to hit the green. Most of the time it’s a wedge or 9-iron. Cer­tain pins are more of a birdie op­por­tu­nity for me than oth­ers. I pre­fer the pins on the left side of the green. When it’s on the right, I’m play­ing much safer and sim­ply try­ing to land it in the mid­dle of the green.


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