Jor­dan Spi­eth

Golf Australia - - MASTERS 2018 -

I don’t try to get too fancy with the tee shot. I usu­ally hit 3-wood. It’s been more suc­cess­ful for me to get a hook around the cor­ner. I then have a long iron in and a big de­ci­sion as to whether I go for it or not. It’s a very tough shot. Any­where on that green and you’ve con­quered the hole. AV­ER­AGE SCORE: 4.42

I aim down the right cen­tre and turn it over. It’s a crazy green but you can make birdie be­cause the ball feeds down to the hole from the left. Miss on the wrong tier and you leave a dif­fi­cult putt.I pre­fer to miss right. Miss left and the ball will go straight down the hill. It won’t stop. AV­ER­AGE SCORE: 3.92

My favourite hole. We’ll see the back left pin on Thurs­day or Fri­day, then we’ll see it to­wards the mid­dle on Sun­day. I try to keep the ball be­low the hole on all of them. The back right pin is tough to birdie but it’s an easy par be­cause if I’m down the ridge I know the speed and line. AV­ER­AGE SCORE: 3.0

Driver down the mid­dle, find where the pin is and hit in to that side. On back left pins I want to get all the way back be­cause the green goes down­hill. It’s eas­ier to miss long and chip back up to the hole than face a down­hill 20-footer. The up­hill right pin is still wicked fast. AV­ER­AGE SCORE: 4.5

I try to hit a left-to- right tee shot and fade it off the bunker. Again, I want to know where the pin is so I can get at it from the best an­gle. I re­ally just want to hit it in the cen­tre of the green ei­ther on the bot­tom or top shelf. If I’m on the right level I can make birdie from any of the pins. AV­ER­AGE SCORE: 4.0

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