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Un­der Chris Como, Tiger kept the clubhead more out­side of his hands in the take­away than he did when work­ing with Haney, who en­cour­aged him to work the club more in­side. Tiger’s left shoul­der ig­nites the back­swing. Al­lied to his im­proved pos­ture, this en­ables him to keep his width and to swing on his op­ti­mum biome­chan­i­cal plane.

Main­tain the take­away width

Check out the ex­ten­sion of Tiger’s left arm and how his right el­bow has yet to bend – a sure sign his left shoul­der has ig­nited the swing.

Use the rec­tan­gle drill for coil­ing power

This ex­er­cise will give you the feel­ing of a pow­er­ful coil. Ro­tate your left fore­arm 90 de­grees and turn your right arm so your palm faces out­wards. Split your hands so the shaft and arms form a rec­tan­gle.

Keep the rec­tan­gle con­stant

The key is for the rec­tan­gle to re­main con­stant. Turn your left shoul­der un­der­neath your throat with a full shoul­der coil. Keep your right knee flexed. This is like stretch­ing out a huge cat­a­pault.

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