Golf Australia - - MASTERS 2018 -

Jor­dan Spi­eth has one of the best putting strokes in the game, and it’s all based on one key fun­da­men­tal he learned grow­ing up.

“I think that the most im­por­tant fun­da­men­tal in putting is un­der­stand­ing where you’re aligned, un­der­stand­ing where your put­ter is aligned,” Spi­eth says.

“If I’m a de­gree off in my align­ment, when I set the put­ter down and I look at the cen­tre of the hole, and my put­ter face is pointed at the right cen­tre, right edge, es­pe­cially on a course like Au­gusta Na­tional where you have to be per­fect with your speed and match­ing the line of speed, I mean, that can miss the hole from five feet. “So I keep checks on my align­ment by us­ing an align­ment stick (dur­ing prac­tice) on the top toe of my put­ter pointed at the right edge. Then I know my put­ter is per­pen­dic­u­lar to it and know it’s pointed right to the mid­dle of the hole. That’s some­thing that I do that is very help­ful for me.”

It could be pretty help­ful to you too.

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