‘Use your legs to gen­er­ate more power’

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I’m not a mas­sive guy but one of the rea­sons I’m able to gen­er­ate so much power is the way I use my legs when I tran­si­tion into the down­swing. As I’m com­plet­ing the back­swing, I brace against the in­side of my right leg. I’m push­ing into the ground, and I can feel my right leg re­sist­ing the turn of my up­per body. That stores a lot of power for the sec­ond half of the swing. As I start the down­swing, I lead with my legs. I’m try­ing to get my left knee out the way so the club can whip through the hit­ting area. But you don’t want to make a big slide to your front side with the left knee mov­ing out to­ward the ball. I think of it as a small shift to­ward the tar­get, then the left knee starts turn­ing left. From there, you can let ev­ery­thing go and sling the club through im­pact.

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